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NEWSLETTER No. 122, MAY 2006

Endeavour Forum Inc
NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC of the UN


Helping Mothers

Not satisfied with their efforts to release  human pesticide  RU486  in a relentless drive to kill  unborn babies,   abortion advocates are   now vociferously demanding that   the $50 million the  Federal Government has allocated to a 24-hour Pregnancy  help hot line to reduce the number of abortions in this country    be  also made available to abortion providers,  their legions in family planning associations and “women’s health” activists.

Charter from Another Century

Despite Professor George William’s enthusiasm for the the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (Herald-Sun February 24), I was not reassured when I attended the charter’s so-called stakeholder’s forum.

Lonely Deaths in Chilly Places

AS an experienced personal injury lawyer, I should have felt pleased about the Senate vote on the importation of the abortion drug RU486 into Australia-region> as it has provided a bonanza of litigation in the US-region.

The Rights and Wrongs of a Victorian Charter of Rights

The Bracks Government is proposing the enactment of a Charter of Rights for Victoria. It argues for a particular model similar to that used in the United Kingdom-region>, New Zealand-region> and most recently, the Australian Capital Territory. According to Attorney-General Rob Hulls a charter of rights for Victoria is “the best way that rights can be protected and it’s also about keeping governments honest when it comes to protection of human rights”.

Cloning is a Medical Fraud

The Lockhart Committee, established by the Federal Government to review Australia's 2002 legislation  banning human cloning and restricting embryo experimentation, held consultations last year to which members of scientific and community organizations and interested individuals were invited. 

Solution to Cloning Debate is Right Under our Nose

THAT Stephen Morgan (Letters, 22/12), no doubt along with most of the public, still believes the cloning debate is a choice between a test-tube entity and the health of his loved ones is an indictment of the poor reporting on this issue. The solution to this whole debate is literally under our nose.

Letter on Cloning from Babette

BRENT Howard (Letters, 21/12) must be living on another planet if he is unaware that, to date, there have been no treatments, cures or even clinical trials using embryonic stem cells, whereas there are more than 65 successful treatments for a range of diseases and disabilities using stem cells derived from ethical sources.

Drug Hurts Women

ORIGINALLY feminists strove successfully to better conditions for women and demanded certain rights.

Now we are being told we have a right to take the "human pesticide" RU486.

Girls on Steroids

To paraphrase the classic film “Casablanca”, news media outlets were recently shocked, SHOCKED to find that middle school girls are using performance-enhancing steroids, just like the pro athletes. But why is this a surprise to a society in which doctors, school nurses, public health authorities, voluntary agencies and parents have been pushing teenage girls to take potent, synthetic sex steroids for decades?

US Women’s Cancer Deaths Up, Men’s Down

A women’s group berated the American Cancer Society (ACS) in February 2006 because women’s cancer deaths rose by 409 cases in 2003, while men’s cancer deaths declined by 778 cases. The previous week  the ACS  had celebrated a small net decrease of 369 cases - allegedly the first decline in deaths from all cancers since the government began keeping national statistics 75 years ago.

Phyllis Schlafly Report

The Feminists Continue Their War Against Men

When the feminist movement burst onto the American social scene in the 1970s, the rallying cry was “liberation”. The feminists demanded liberation from the role of the housewife and mother who lived in what Betty Friedan famously labelled a “comfortable concentration camp”.

Child-care: Children at Risk

More and more research is emerging showing the negative effects of placing very young children in long daycare. International bets-selling author, Steve Biddulph in his new book “Raising Babies: Should Under 3s go to Nursery?” says putting children under three in child care can damage their intellectual and emotional development. Those placed in childcare from the age of six months could become anti-social and aggressive.

CANADA: Study Shows Universal Daycare Plan Has “Strikingly Negative” Consequences

A newly released study of universal daycare already offered in Quebec has revealed some serious dangers. The authors report, “We uncover striking evidence that children are worse off in a variety of behavioral and health dimensions, ranging from aggression to motor-social skills to illness,” according to a summary issued in December by the National Bureau of Economic Research.


Rotten Bit of the Mullah’s Egg

I am a little disenchanted with the mantra chanted by many Western political leaders that “Islam is a religion of peace and love”.

Well yes, it is, but like the curate’s egg or should I say the mullah’s egg, it is only good in parts. There are exhortations in Islam promoting peace and compassion, but there are also verses in the Koran which encourage conversion of “infidels” by the sword.


The Life and Religion of Mohammed

Fr. J.L. Menezes knew Islam up close.  As a priest in India, he devoted his priestly life to introducing that nation's tens of millions of Muslims to Christianity. With this life of Mohammed, he left us the record of his appeals: a frank, honest, and exhaustively researched exploration of the life of the "prophet" of Islam, the development and contents of the Koran, and an introduction to various Muslim sects.

ACT Law Does Not Properly Protect Women or Their Unborn Children

The Crimes (Offences Against Pregnant Women) Amendment Bill 2005 passed by the Assembly on Tuesday does not adequately punish crimes of violence against women and their unborn children. The Labor Members and Greens Member Deb Foskey have missed an opportunity to treat the loss of an unborn child with the seriousness it deserves.

The Corruption of Science

A report   in the journal Nature, June 2005,   shows that scientific misconduct is far more common than most people realize.  Researchers anonymously polled thousands of scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health.  They asked scientists to report their misbehaviours.  An astonishing number of scientists admitted that they had participated in serious misconduct within the last three years.  Here are just a few examples:









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