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What we are about 

Endeavour Forum started out as Women Who Want to be Women. That explains the four Ws on the ship Endeavour above. It was set up in response the militant feminism which first came around in the early 1970s and which became increasingly influential in the Whitlam and even Fraser Governments. While militant feminism did address some legitimate grievances it went too far getting into issues like abortion, equal opportunity and affirmative action. There was a need for women to defend the legitimate rights of traditional women in families and the rights of male breadwinners to get jobs.  

We believe that men and women are equal but different not equal and the same.



What we aim to achieve 

Although outlawing abortion is high on our agenda the broad aim is to prevent economic forces such as high taxation destroying families. We believe the rights and interests of the family must be the cornerstone of economic policy.



How we aim to achieve our goals 

We can only do this by educating the public and the parliamentary representatives of the situation facing families today. Many of them are on side. The problem seems to be facing up to the political problems of expenditure reduction. While we believe that parliamentarians are now more aware of this problem than before they may take some time to act upon it.

About the Founder

cv     Babette Francis
Babette Francis, B.Sc. (Hons), (Microbiology & Chemistry}, mother of eight,  was born in India, and lived there for twenty two years. She met her Australian husband, Mr. Charles Francis,  AM, RFD, QC, on a ship bound for London. They were married in London and came back to live in Australia.  They have twenty grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Mrs. Francis is one of the founding members of Endeavour Forum Inc., a pro-life, pro-family Australian women's NGO which has links with similar groups overseas. Endeavour Forum aims to enhance the status of  the uniquely female and the  traditional women's roles and to counter the ideology of  contemporary feminism whose adherents believe there are no differences between the sexes and that abortion on demand  will pave the path to equality.
In her pioneering Minority Report on Equal Opportunity in Schools, (1977),  as a Member of the government-appointed Victorian Committee on Equal Opportunity in Schools, Mrs. Francis highlighted that the aims of feminists are not merely to encourage girls to undertake non-traditional subjects such as mathematics  and  trades such as plumbing, the real objective is to create a unisex androgynous society.
Babette Francis is  the Senior Fellow – Social Policy at Macroeconomics  She is also  the Vice President of the Melbourne Branch of the National Party,   a Vice-President of the Family Council of Victoria,  and  Vice-President of the Drug Advisory Council of Australia.
Mrs. Francis is a freelance writer,  currently her articles appear in News Weekly,  AD 2000, Fidelity,  Kairos,  OnLine Opinion and the ABC's The Drum. Mrs.Francis has also had several columns published in the Herald Sun, Australia's largest-selling daily newspaper.
Babette  Francis has  led teams to attended numerous UN Conferences: on the Status of Women, Population, Habitat, and Food. She and members of Endeavour Forum Inc. were among the first pro-life,  pro-family women to attend the UN Mid-Decade Women's Conference in Copenhagen in 1980 and to alert other organisations to the anti-family implications  of  the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)  and of the anti-family agenda of groups dominating the UN's Commission on the Status of Women.
In 1988 Babette Francis  was honoured by Eagle Forum, USA, by being named "Homemaker of the Year" for Australia. In 1990, the Baltic Communities in Australia named Mrs. Francis on their Honours List for Services to the Cause of Freedom. In April 1991, the Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation in the U.S.A. honoured Mrs. Francis with their "Motherhood Award" for' 1991. In 2012 Steve Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute presented Mrs. Francis with The Father Paul Marx Lifetime Achievement Award.
In October 1995 Babette Francis was invited by the Pontifical Council for the Family to chair the English language group's discussions at the Third World Congress of Pro-Life Movements held in Rome.  Mrs. Francis has been a speaker at conferences in the USA, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Portugal, Canada, New Zealand, Italy, Eire, Northern Ireland, South Africa and Singapore. She  has also  been a  speaker at the  World Congress of Families in Prague, Geneva, Mexico, Warsaw and Madrid.
In 2000 Endeavour Forum Inc. was granted Special Consultative Status with the Economic & Social Council  (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.  It is the only Australian pro-life, pro-family organisation to have achieved such status in its own right.

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