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Current Articles

October 2012 - Film exposes sex-selective abortions of baby girls

September 2012 - China announces end to forced abortions

September 2012 - Plans for World Congress of Families in Sydney next May

September 2012 - Pioneering law saves the unborn, protects women

August 2012 - Is Islamophobia tantamount to racism?

July 2012 - Courageous woman lawyer fears for her life

June 2012 - Sayonara – the long goodbye to Japan

February 2012 - Deceptive deodorising of Islam

November 2011 - When cruel sharia law is enforced by Western courts

November 2011 - How should we handle Muslim asylum-seekers?

October 2011 - Sex-change procedure for 11-year-old boy

October 2011 - Abortion’s impact on women’s mental health

September 2011 - Pro-life, pro-woman laws enacted in Louisiana

May 2011 - PC intimidation threatens the rule of law

April 2011 - 14-year-old girl lashed to death under sharia law

April 2011 - New attack on free speech and religious freedom

April 2011 - Gender diversity battle at UN women’s session

March 2011 - Islam and Australia’s immigration laws

December 2010 - Greens’ flawed policies burden families

December 2010 - Latest threat to Australian families and free speech

November 2010 - Inquiry ruled out into atrocities of late abortions

July 2010 - Abortion–breast cancer link studiously ignored

July 2010 - Suppressing the truth about maternal deaths

June 2010 - US doctors tiptoe around female genital mutilation

June 2010 - Rudd and Abbott overlook stay-at-home mothers

May 2010 - Feminists silent about women in burqas

May 2010 - Children with gender identity disorder

May 2010 - Help for homosexuals who want change

April 2010 - UN body seeks “universal human right” to abortion

April 2010 - UN feminist gab-fest gets up steam

March 2010 - Aid for Haiti delayed by condom shipments

March 2010 - Abstinence-only programs teach young to make wiser choices

February 2010 - Britian's Lords vote for Liberty

February 2010 - UN skirmishes over meaning of gender

December 2009 - Women’s health risk ignored by Rudd Govt

November 2009 - Obamacare: The Ego has Landed

November 2009 - Exporting death in our overseas "aid"

October 2009 - Women not warned on Abortion-Breast Cancer link

October 2009 - Abortion's dangers to health of future babies

July 2009 - Religious freedom under threat

May 2009 - A bill of rights will diminish our freedoms

May 2009 - UN anti-racism conference blames Israel

May 2009 - Where human rights are needed

April 2009 - Voices for the unborn heard at UN session

March 2009 - More scandals surround Obama nominations

March 2009 - The Nigtmarish Cabinet of President Obama

February 2009 - The other side of the ledger

December 2008 - Is David Hick's cheer squad paying attention?

December 2008 - Reproductive Health:Abortion increases risk of pre-term births

April 2008 - Paternity Fraud Punishes the Blameless

March 2008 - Why Australia’s Christian heritage matters

April 2008 - Man, A Vanishing Species?

May 2008 - Women in Danger from Sex Predators, Coerced Abortions

July 2008 - Abortion Damage to Women Ignored by Inquiry

August 2008 - Women's Hospital Defends Abortion

October 2008 - Abortion Bill Cannot Enforce Gestational Limits




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