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‘For Greater Glory’: an inspiring message for today’s Christians

Babette Francis - AD2000 September 2012

US Supreme Court upholds Obamacare

Babette Francis - AD2000 August 2012

Vatican takes action against dissenting US nuns

Babette Francis - AD2000 June 2012

Obama imposes contraception document on UN

Babette Francis - AD2000 May 2012

US Churches unite against Obama over religious liberty

Babette Francis - AD2000 April 2012

The global financial crisis and the West’s fertility decline

Babette Francis - AD2000 March 2012

Freedom of religion American style

Babette Francis - AD2000 February 2012


Blessed Cardinal von Galen: a voice against tyranny

Babette Francis - AD2000 November 2011

Signs of Hope from the United States

Babette Francis - AD2000 October 2011

In defence of the authentic meaning of marriage

Babette Francis - AD2000 August 2011

Redefining gender: an assault on human dignity

Babette Francis - AD2000 June 2011

Shahbaz Bhatti (1968-2011):Pakistan’s contemporary martyr

Babette Francis - AD2000 May 2011

Catholic Church’s pivotal role in South Korea's pro-life revival

Babette Francis - AD2000 April 2011

Islam divided over Pope’s call to respect religious freedom

Babette Francis - AD2000 March 2011

Science and Christian Faith: the case for intelligent design

Babette Francis - AD2000 February 2011


Facing life issues in love and truth

Babette Francis - AD2000 December 2010

The woman in another place

Babette Francis - AD2000 November 2010

Gendercide: how abortion targets baby girls

Peter Kavanagh - AD2000 November 2010

Challening times for Catholic Universities

Babette Francis - AD2000 September 2010

Christians and political action: euthanasia

Babette Francis - AD2000 June 2010

Obama Health Bill and Liberal Nuns

Babette Francis - AD2000 May 2010

UK Catholic schools forced to teach homosexuality in the classrooms

Babette Francis - AD2000 April 2010

Cardinal Pell receives pro-life von Galen Award

Babette Francis - AD2000 March 2010

Present-day Martyrs in India and Pakistan

Babette Francis - AD2000 Feb 2010

A Biblical defence of Marriage: Africans take the lead

Babette Francis - AD2000 Dec. 2009 - Jan. 2010


Christians in India rejoice at election results

Babette Francis - AD2000  July 2009

Lights dim for Christians in Pakistan

Babette Francis - AD2000  June 2009

AIDS in Africa: science vindicates Catholic Church

Babette Francis - AD2000  May 2009

Did Antonio Gramsci have second thoughts?

Babette Francis - AD2000  March 2009

Christian-Muslim dialogue: glimmerings of hope

Babette Francis - AD2000  February 2009


"Redeeming Grief"  by Anne R. Lastman      

Reviewed by Charles Francis, AM, QC - AD2000 April 2008

China: Olympic Rings  or  Shackles?

Babette Francis - AD2000 June 2008

Grace Under Fire:  Ordinations, and  First Holy Communion in Iraq 

Babette Francis - AD200 July 2008

A False Concept of Moral Equivalence             

Babette Francis - AD2000  July 2008

The Tragic Dilemmas of China's One-Child Policy

Babette Francis - AD 2000 August 2008

The Physical and Mental Scars of Abortion

Charles Francis - AD2000 September 2008





"Equal Opportunity" Legislation Threatens Christian Teachings  

Babette Francis - AD2000 April 2007

A Christian Sceptic's Challenge: Why Atheism Has No Answers

Babette Francis - AD2000 October 2007



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