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ON LINE opinion -

Asymmetrical gender wars in the US election - 24 September 2012

Hilary White of LifeSiteNews points out that even if we accepted the abortion of babies conceived as a result of rape or incest, the pro-abortion lobby would never agree to legislation banning all the other 99.999% of abortions. The rape exception is just an issue designed to wedge pro-lifers...

Bullying American business over gay marriage views - 13 August 2012

There has been much discussion in the media about bullying in schools, in the workplace and on social media via emails and Twitter. Well guess who is doing much of the bullying - it is not only the maladjusted schoolboy who has grown too big for his boots or the immature schoolgirl venting her insecurities on Facebook - it is homosexual lobbyists, left-wing politicians who aim to restrict freedom of the press, and anti-religious civil libertarians...


Articles on Abortion

The Federal Government and Academic Texts as Barriers to Informed Consent

Informed patient consent for medical treatment is required by both law and medical ethics. Yet, both federal agencies and academicians are participating in the suppression of information about the heightened risk of breast cancer posed by oral contraceptives and induced abortion. There is historical precedent in the long-delayed acknowledgment of the smoking/lung cancer link.

The Risks of Abortion and the VLRC Report

An Endeavour Forum Analysis

David Van Gend's article "On The Sanctity of Human Life"

Abortion Grief - Andrew Bolt

Abortion grief is a subject rarely aired in the media but is very real. "Ellen" is a young mother who had an abortion and suffered greatly from abortion grief. Her story is here.f 

Articles on Abortion and the link to Breast Cancer

Professor Brind's article in the Australian Doctor 
In referring patients for induced abortion, the role of a GP in providing patients with unbiased information on risks may be particularly critical. In contrast, for example, the cardiovascular risks attendant upon eating fatty foods or smoking cigarettes are widely disseminated by the lay media and public health agencies alike. 

Dr Thomas Stuttaford has written an excellent piece on the abortion breast cancer link. Please click here.

Professor Brind's article in the Canberra Times is here

Margaret Butts's letter to the Canberra Times is here.

Articles on Euthanasia

David Van Gend's article on "Euthanasia's 'Unproductive Burdens'.


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