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THE ABORTION industry certainly is in a tizz about women even being told that abortion might increase their breast-cancer risk. For the information of the pro-abortion zealots, here are some facts that are accepted world-wide by the medical and scientific community.

a. Having a full-term pregnancy at a young age affords substantial protection against breast cancer. Every full-term pregnancy further reduces risk

b. Breastfeeding for at least six months reduces breast-cancer risk. Breastfeeding duration for one or more children for 24 months further reduces risk. This is World Health Organisation data, not a pro-life figment.

c. It is not possible to breastfeed a foetus that has been aborted. I mention this because the obvious sometimes seems to escape some people.

In Australia approximately 14,000 teenagers give birth and about the same number have abortions. Why aren’t these adolescents informed that their pregnancy (and subsequent breastfeeding) would afford them substantial protection against breast cancer, which is the most common mutilating disease causing early death in women?

Why deny these young girls the opportunity to weigh up the benefits of their pregnancy against its problems and make an informed choice?

Women who are confronting an unplanned pregnancy should consider whom they will trust: pro-life scientists and the pro-life groups who spend their own money to help pregnant women, or the abortion doctors who make millions of dollars out of the predicaments of pregnant women —and who won’t be around 20, 30 or 40 years from now when some of these hapless women discover those suspicious jumps in their breasts. Currently four of the states in the US have legislated that women presenting for abortion should be informed of their increased breast-cancer risk, and Congress is investigating why the National Cancer Institute has not publicised this risk factor. Our Parliament should conduct a similar inquiry.


Beaumaris, Victoria



Member Organisation, World Council for Life and Family

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