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Babette’s letter to the Australian 23-10-05

Wickedness not a fairy tale - Letter on the bashing death of Daniel Valerio

Babette’s letter to the Herald-Sun (14/03/00) "Feminists give others no choice" in response to Sheryl Underwood letter is here.

Babette's letter to the Sunday Herald-Sun (2/1/00) on boosting our birth rate is here.

Babette’s letter to the Australian (sent 13-04-00) is here.

Babette has had a letter in the Age on the "Age of loneliness" in which she points out that the abortion of today deprives the woman of someone who would have loved her.

Babette has had a letter published in The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons concerning medical standards as applied to abortion and the rights of unborn babies. That letter is now on our site here.

Life Matters Babette has made a contribution to the debate on Breast Cancer on "Life Matters". The full text is here.

Letter on Cloning




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