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13 APRIL 2000

The assurance by Dr.Allanson  of  the   Fertility Control Clinic (13/4) that “Rigorous research” indicates  the majority of women experience improved functioning following an abortion is reminiscent of the  advertising by  tobacco providers.  Our particular concern is the increased risk of breast cancer due to induced abortion.  Has Dr.  Allanson’s clinic followed up their clients from 30 years ago to  ensure that the so-called “improved functioning” is not marred by that suspicious lump in the breast, or don’t they keep  “rigorous” long-term records?

What is clear is that the incidence of breast cancer has increased 40% between 1987 and 1997,  and that Dr. Burton, Director of the Anti-Cancer Council of  Victoria, attributes some of this increase to the fact that the women are postponing the age at which they have their first full term pregnancy.

What is  significant is the parallel increase in induced abortions during this period  following the liberal interpretation of the law by Mr. Justice Menhennitt (Victoria 1969) and Judge Levine (NSW 1971).  Now approximately 30 years later, the tumours are coming home to roost.  Abortion providers should check their records back 30  years  to find out how many of their clients - if they are still alive -   are still experiencing “improved functioning” or now have breast cancer.  The excuse that abortion providers don’t follow-up long term won’t wash -  tobacco providers also assured  us we would feel good immediately after a ciggy, and like “Marlboro Man” would be able to ride over mountains.

Only legal action on abortion breast cancer will deter the abortion industry, and this is starting to happen in the USA.


Babette Francis





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