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LABOR family services spokesman Wayne Swan is to be congratulated for his courageous policy shift in favor of boosting Australia’s birth rate ("ALP package aims to boost birth rate," December 19).

No doubt he will be ‘the recipient of a Women’s Electoral Lobby wooden spoon for "services to wimmin".

However, Labor’s new policy will not be effective unless there is a philosophical shift in favor of births over abortions.

Feminist groups are ideologically committed to promoting abortion — if they were truly pro-choice rather than pro-abortion, they would not fight tooth and nail as they have in the ACT to prevent photos of foetal development being included In the counselling booklet being given to women considering abortion.

Nor would they recommend the ultrasound screen be turned away from these women so they cannot see the images of their unborn babies. Whether one is pro-abortion or pro-life, if one genuinely respects the autonomy of women one should always be pro-information. Women are entitled to know about post-abortion grief and about increased risk of breast cancer.

In Australia at least two women have received out of court settlements for post-abortion syndrome.

In the United States, a suit has been filed against an abortion provider for misleading advertising in its claim that an induced abortion does not increase breast-cancer risk.

Mr Swan should make provision of this information, and of foetal pictures, compulsory by all abortion providers. It may help to reduce the horrendous toll of 100,000 abortions yearly in Australia, and boost the birth rate.

Babette Francis,

Endeavour Forum Inc,





Member Organisation, World Council for Life and Family

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