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BRENT Howard (Letters, 21/12) must be living on another planet if he is unaware that, to date, there have been no treatments, cures or even clinical trials using embryonic stem cells, whereas there are more than 65 successful treatments for a range of diseases and disabilities using stem cells derived from ethical sources. His statement that "banning research using embryos that could help sick people is wrong" is totally mistaken. There is no private investment in embryonic research — the market knows where the results are coming from. Therefore, any taxpayer funding of embryonic research is taking funds away from ethical stem cell research where new successful treatments are being reported every day. Howard apparently even approves the Lockhart recommendation for animal-human hybrid embryos, reminiscent of the 1920s order by Stalin that his scientists create half-man, half-ape "warriors". Perhaps Brent is living on the planet of the apes, after all.

Babette Francis

Toorak, Vic


Babette Francis





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