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Years ago I saw a film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari — not the silent German classic of the 1920s but a 1960s one based on a script by
Robert Bloch, author of Psycho. Actress Glynis Johns played the heroine in a story about a woman’s treatment by an apparently sadistic doctor named Caligari. Her nightmarish experience was actually a distorted perception because she was psychotic and Dr Caligari was actually a kindly psychiatrist treating her.

There are many Americans who are dismayed at what they perceive as nightmarish appointments to President Barack Obama’s cabinet, but these citizens are not psychotic and their perceptions are all too real. Soon after Obama’s inauguraton, his Commerce Secretary-nominee, Bill Richardson, withdrew due to a probe involving unethical payments. Then it was revealed that Obama’s Treasury Secretary-nominee, Tim Geithner, had failed to pay $43,000 federal self-employment taxes for four separate years. Next to hit the dust was Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Daschle, because of failure to pay long outstanding taxes on limousine services, consulting fees, dubious charitable donations and Medicare payments.

Daschle’s exit was followed by Nancy Killefer, tipped to be President Obama’s “chief performance officer, overseeing compliance, effectiveness and waste-management across every federal agency”. She withdrew because of failure to pay employment taxes. But the real nightmare for US parents is Obama’s nomination of David W. Ogden for Deputy Attorney-General at the Department of Justice. It would be difficult to find a person less suitable to be second-in-command at the nation’s top law-enforcement agency, which is required to enforce child pornography and obscenity laws.

Throughout his 20-year legal career, David Ogden has argued for the rights of pornographers over protecting women and children.
US writer, broadcaster and president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr Albert Mohler, has described Ogden as “a First Amendment
extremist, who has even argued against laws against child pornography”.

Brian Burch, president of Fidelis, a Catholic group of political, legal, research and educational organisations, says that Ogden has a record of supporting the full homosexual agenda, and of opposing parental and spousal notification regarding abortion. Burch cited specific legal arguments Ogden used in opposing parental notification in the case of a 14-year-old girl.
Ogden has represented professional psychological associations presenting arguments for “gay” parenting, “gays” in the military and homosexuality as a genetic characteristic.

Ogden also argued on behalf of Playboy, Penthouse and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in obscenity and pornography cases. According to Fidelis, Ogden opposed the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act (CPOEA).
The CIPA legislation includes a provision requiring internet filters in federally-funded libraries. The CPOEA legislation requires verification that models in pornographic films be certified over age 18. Ogden argued these requirements placed too heavy a burden on pornographers and film producers.
Ogden lobbied for taxpayer-fund-David Ogden’s nomination should be of concern to Australians because his opposition to CIPA is relevant to our own government’s efforts to install porn-filters on the internet.

Pornography opponent Dr Judith A. Reisman is alarmed that Ogden’s record may not be adequately scrutinised in confirmation hearings. She expressed astonishment that his endorsers, which included “guardians of the law and of children’s safety”, should contrive “to ignore Ogden’s long and profitable tenure in the service of Big Pornography”.

To add to the nightmare for parents, during his speech to Planned Parenthood, President Obama made reference to teaching “science-based sex education” to “kindergartners”, calling it “the right thing to do”.
Reisman (author of the 1990 study, Kinsey, Sex and Fraud) claims the “science” behind Obama’s sex education comes from 20th-century pseudo-scientist, Alfred C. Kinsey, who directed paedophiles to molest children while using stopwatches to collect his so-called “scientific” data.

Crimes against children

Reisman says: “This research created the entire sex education profession and is still in use today…. Our kids are being educated by information based on massive sex crimes against children, and the truth is still being covered up.”
Reisman believes the Ogden nomination will make the situation for America’s women and children go from bad to worse.
Ogden led Obama’s transition team for the Department of Justice.
“These are team players,” says Reisman. “Whether Ogden gets the appointment or not, the team he put in place will be based on his Playboy philosophy, which is founded on Kinsey.”

Babette Francis


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