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A Vote for Marriage

In the forthcoming Federal elections in the USA and Australia, which this year are due about the same time, the policies of the sitting Governments and the respective Oppositions are very clearly differentiated so that there should be no doubts in the minds of pro-family voters about whom they should support. The US Senate defeated moves for a constitutional amendment to protect marriage as a union of a man and a woman. President Bush had supported the amendment, but Senators Kerry and Edwards, the Democrat candidates for President and Vic-President in the November elections, did not vote.

One time girlfriend of quirky California governor Jerry Brown in the 70s, singer Linda Ronstadt has been busy lately. She dedicated her song Desperado to Michael Moore and his bogus-mentary, Fahrenheit 9/11, she got herself tossed out of the Aladdin casino in Las Vegas, and she gave an interview to a newspaper.

Baby, it's a Bonus for All

Article in Herald Sun 7/7/04 

What cantankerous carping from feline feminists who imply the $3000 baby bonus given by the Howard-Costello government to all mothers who have babies born from lst July 2004 nuight be wasted on frivolous items or self-indulgence.  They never raised this possibility when it was Mark Latham who offered a maternity payment to all mothers whether they were in the paid workforce or not; indeed he was praised by social commentator Bettina Arndt.  However, when the payment becomes reality through Coalition policy, it appears beset by hypothetical problems. - including delayed Caesarians!  

NOW we know how babies really look inside the womb, thanks to the Herald Sun and this incredible achievement in technology ("Taking a walk on the womb side", June 30).

We need to ensure that women are informed when issues such as abortion are being considered.

Affirmative Action Revisited

Alan Barron, Convenor, Institute of Men's Studies

MARK Latham has just unveiled his women's policy. Leaving aside the fact the traditional woman seems to have been ignored, he mentioned nothing about a men's policy.

The Australian Choice

In  Australia  the differences between Coaltion leaders and the ALP are very clear.  Tony Abbott, Minister for Health, has expressed concern about the 100,000 abortions each year. Mark Latham, Leader of the Opposition,  said he  was "not interested"  when asked about abortion in the context of the film "My Fetus"  by Julia  Black  which shows early and late abortions.  Latham did not even bother with the rhetoric of  "women's rights".  - he was just not interested.  When Latham  was  Mayor of Liverpool, prayers  before Council meetings were banned.  

Both of the  Government's Marriage Amendment Bills  passed  the House of Representatives. However, the first version, which also included a ban on overseas adoption by homosexual  couples, was referred by the Senate to an Inquiry.  The second simplified   version of the Bill which dealt only with defining marriage, was not dealt with by the Senate.    It is important that  everyone write to the Senators in their own states asking them to support the Government Marriage Amendment Bill.

Abortion & Breast Cancer in the UK

Patrick Carroll, director of research,  Pension and Population Research Institute,  London,   made a poster-presentation  on “Trends and Risk Factors in English Breast Cancer”  at the  British Cancer Research Meeting 2004 in Manchester in late June 2004.  The British Journal of Cancer   Vol. 91, Supplement l, page S24, July 2004 published an ABSTRACT of his presentation.  Carroll found that legally induced abortion was the best predictor of British breast cancer trends.  His presentation included three graphs showing disease trends for birth cohorts of English  women and corresponding incidence of breast cancer within ages 50 to 54.

Although the current human rights movement is 'faithfully' committed to the idea of cultural relativism, it is always important to remember that the origin of human rights is God's creation. Human beings have never 'acquired' their basic rights, nor has any government conferred such rights to them. As John Stott put it: "We have had them from the beginning. We received them with our life from the hand of our Maker. They are inherent in our creation.

Islam's Undeclared War on Women

Published in the Herald Sun, 8 June 2004) 

Waleed Aly's article "Why Islam is terror's trademark"  (Herald Sun 4/6/04) poses more questions than it answers. 

Like many of you I have expended significant effort crafting a defense of marriage and testing it  in speeches, articles, and conversations with friends. Last week I had an unexpected opportunity to  try out  my ideas on a representative of the opposition.

The theory of "multiculturalism" as practised by left-wing social engineering governments in western democracies is flawed and is more likely to produce fracture lines in otherwise cohesive communities than the nirvana of happy "ethnics" celebrating cultural festivals with music, song and dance. The promotion of multiculturalism has become a significant issue in Victoria because the state government has produced a Discussion Paper with a view to implementing  a Multicultural Victoria Act.

The Feminist Agenda in Education

Is promoting a lesbian lifestyle to primary school children a rare event? And are the producers of the ABC's Play School alone in their battle to normalise what many parents would consider unnatural behaviour?


“The Media-Wise Family”  by Ted Baehr, published  by Chariot Victor 1998.  (Order from major book shops)

Although this book is a few years old, and deals with the American scene, it is still quite a  helpful resource on how families, and especially religious families, can deal with the media in all its forms. This is especially important since all families, Christian and non-Christian, are immersed in a culture in which the popular media appears to be omnipresent and extremely influential. Review

Abstinence Success

“Abstinence education is working,” says Leslee Unruh, President of the Abstinence Clearinghouse, USA.  “Increasing amounts of new, scientific research is showing that abstinence education creates teens who abstain.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that  teen sexual activity and teen pregnancy have been declining steadily over the last several years.   Peer-reviewed, published studies show that abstinence education is responsible for these decreases.”

Poor Tony Abbott - little did he realise what a hornet's nest he was stirring up - actually a nest of Queen Bee wasps - when he suggested that all was not perfect in Australia with the high incidence of abortion, the provision of the morning after pill to teenagers and concealment of their medical records from parents.


Endeavour Forum Inc. Public Meeting

In Association with the World Congress of Families III & The Intercultural Dialogue in Celebration of the 2004

International Year of the Family.

The Marriage Amendment Bill 2004

7.30 pm on Thursday, 14 October  2004 at St. Joseph's Hall, 51 Stanhope St., MalvernVic. 3144.






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