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NEWSLETTER No. 139 , August 2010

Endeavour Forum Inc
NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC of the UN


Special Events:

National Marriage Day Celebrations
12 August 2010: 6.45 pm Dinner at the Bowlers Club, 95-99 York St, Sydney. Guest Speaker: Dr. Allan Carlson, World Congress of Families. Tickets $75 each. RSVP:Mary-Louise Fowler on 0400 302 392

Life Coalition Dinner
14 August 2010: 6.30 pm at Melrose Receptions, Cnr Melrose and Carrick Drive, Tullamarine, Vic.
Speakers include Dr. Allan Carlson, Bernie Finn, MLC (Lib) and Peter Kavanagh, MLC (DLP). Bookings: Phyllis Restall 9816 0800 or 0429 336 053. When booking please ask to be
seated at an Endeavour Forum table.

Bishop Nazir Ali: Courage in a hostile world
17 September 2010: l.30 pm,
17 September 2010: 7.30 pm,
Auditorium, 1330 Ferntree Gully Rd, Scoresby, Vic.
$25 head or $20 by 27 August. For bookings contact:
Family Voice Australia,
Ph: 1300 365 965.

Julia Gillard and the Federal Election

Julia Gillard's ascent to become Prime Minister of Australia is a warning to all of us, but especially to Australian men, whose well-being will be as marginalised as was Kevin Rudd's. He was "stabbed in the back” despite all her protestations of undying loyalty, e.g. "I am more likely to play full forward for the Bulldogs than challenge Kevin etc etc etc". But he wasn't the only one to be cruelly dumped ...

Goodbye, good guys

While the hapless Kevin Rudd walks off bleeding into the sunset, dagger still planted firmly in his back, there was another nasty ambush not so long ago by the Julia Gillard faction. Warwick Marsh, founder of the Fatherhood Foundation and Dads4Kids was appointed an Ambassador for Men's Health, and then sacked by Health Minister Nicola Roxon. She discovered he had published a booklet "21 Reasons Why Gender Matters"...

Abortion and Breast Cancer - the Cover-Up continues

On the 29th January this year, our research officer, Gabrielle Whiting, wrote to Prof. Ian Olver, Member of the Advisory Council, Cancer Australia and Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Council Australia, and to David Hill, Director, Cancer Council Victoria, drawing their attention to the three new studies published in 2009 which showed anincreased risk of breast cancer caused by induced abortion...

Report Debunking Fetal Pain Shows ‘Stunning Lack of Scholarship’

Patrick B. Craine ( reports that a newlyreleased report from the London-based Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) purporting to show that unborn children do not feel pain before 24 weeks made international headlines. But according to pro-life leaders, the study ignores key evidence and is little more than an attempt by abortion advocates to deceive the public...

Do Smoking Guns Cause Global Warming, Too?

As we now know (and by "we" I mean "everyone with access to the Internet"), the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) has been caught ferociously manipulating the data about the Earth's temperature. Leaked e-mails from the "scientists" at CRU show that, when talking among themselves, they forthrightly admit to using a "trick" to "hide the decline" in the Earth's temperature since 1960...

The Phyllis Schafly Report

Obama panders to the Feminists

How Democracy is undermined in the name of Human Rights

Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commissions are out of control in many countries. John Jalsevac writing in describes the situation in Canada: “For the most part Americans ignore Canada - not consciously, mind you. It's just that when you live in the midst of the broiling controversies of the world's most hyperactive hyper-power, it's not necessary to look elsewhere for topics of conversation - and least of all to demure, "nice" Canada.

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