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Australia Votes for Life

After more than three years of deadlock, delegates to the United Nation’s Legal Committee, by a vote of 71 to 35, with 43 abstentions accepted a Declaration calling on all nations to enact laws prohibiting all forms of human cloning.  The UN has called on Member States to adopt urgent legislation outlawing all cloning practices saying that "they are incompatible with human dignity and the protection of human life."

The Nationals’ Senate Leader, the Hon Ron Boswell,  on 3lst January 2005  tabled sixteen Questions on Notice to the Minister for Health and Ageing on the issue of abortion.

Teenager Wins Abortion-Breast Cancer Case

On the 24th January 2005 a court ordered a judgment against an abortion clinic in Portland, Oregon,  for performing an abortion  without informing the patient of psychological risks and increased risk of breast cancer. 

What the Hon. Tony Abbott, Minister for Health can do

There should be common ground between pro-lifers and pro-choicers.  The latter claim that abortion is a sad choice which women are forced to make, so they should be pleased at policies which help to reduce the incidence (that is except for abortion providers themselves whose livelihood and profits depend on the number of unborn children they kill).  

The feminists, who have no sense of humor, have given Americans a big belly laugh, but it's no laughing matter to the principals involved. The feminists lassoed the president of Harvard University, no less, and have dragged him groveling through the ivy until they wrung from him all they wanted and more. The most intolerant feminists are on the faculties of elite colleges and universities. The Communists used to severely punish as "deviationists" all those who strayed from the Party line, but the feminists have taken adherence to orthodoxy to new heights.

Albinos Of The World, Unite!

Being as I am an aspiring dead white male, I  weary of  harsh words about what guttersnipes we are, and   impediments to civilization, and rapists and slave drivers and Marines: yes, and just no  good.  For one thing, I think we are a splendid lot.  For another, I notice that most of the yapping comes from life’s camp-followers—from those who didn’t and can’t and aren’t likely to.

Real Men Have Character

Ireland has experienced many changes in recent years. Its entry into the European Union has unleashed a high tech prosperity that has given the country its forty-first shade of green. It has not been without cost. Irish youth have discarded the bottle of their ancestors for the needle of their contemporaries. A movie depicting the true story of journalist Veronica Guerin dramatizes the new Irish drug subculture.

Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ a Health Risk Doctors Warn

A group of physicians has presented to Canadian Parliamentarians scientific evidence that homosexual marriage is a health risk.The heavily referenced brief titled "Gay Marriage and Homosexuality, Some Medical Comments" warns that the new law will result in the further normalization of homosexual sex which has already resulted in severe health risks and related costs to care for and treat persons affected by risky sexual behaviour.

Stem Cell Research

Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney,  is  seeking  a national ban on embryonic stem-cell research.  Australia's law allowing the limited use of embryonic tissue expires in April 2005, requiring new legislation to regulate the status of embryos that have been frozen and stored during fertility treatments.

Having It Both Ways

Feminists have declared that logic is a male construct, so we should not be surprised they  often insist  at one and the same time on two completely incompatible ideas, e.g. that women and men are not different in  regard to suitability for jobs, AND  that women and men  ARE indeed different  but this should not make a difference anyway.

A Positive Vision Of Women

To mark the 10th anniversary of the UN's World Conference on Women in Beijing (1995)   and the UN's Commission on the Status of Women  special meeting known as Beijing + 10 held in New York  in March 2005, the  English-language edition of L'Osservatore Romano  (a Vatican weekly)  has  published articles on the Catholic perspective of the status of women.  In the January 5 edition, Mary Ann Glendon, president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences and Harvard law professor, addressed the issue of discrimination and women.

The Film Industry and Paedophilia

Last year in Australia there were  arrests and  much public anger,  bordering on hysteria, about 600 individuals alleged to have child pornography on their computers.  Some of those arrested were teachers or connected with childcare centres. The investigations indicated the perversion was not confined to Australia but involved a  number of countries.

Why this Jew Loves Christmas

I am a religious Jew who simply loves Christmas. In fact, any Jew or non-Christian who somehow gets "offended" because the majority religion in America makes such a big public splash about their biggest holiday is a total fool. A crèche on a public or private lawn is a beautiful sight. It means that people have gone to the trouble of sharing lovely visuals with all of America, expressing the beauty of their heritage and its spiritual message to humanity.

Babette has had two articles in the Herald-Sun newspaper recently.

Horrific toll of the status quo

Suffer little children no more



Endeavour Forum Inc. Public Meeting

Afternoon  Tea with Archbishop  Denis Hart  DD

4.30 pm on Wednesday, 20 April 2004 at St. Patricks Hall, 10  Rogers St., Mentone Vic. 3194.The event will be chaired by Dr. J. N. Santamaria, OAM, and Archbishop Hart  will speak on Cardinal Ratzinger's "Letter to the   Bishops  on the Collaboration of Men and Women". The Opening Prayer will be said by Rev. Fr. John Walshe, parish priest, St. Patricks, and the vote of thanks will be given by Dr. Daphne Hennelly, Endeavour Forum Committee. 

All welcome, $7 donation appreciated.  RSVP essential:   Mrs. Prue Oldham,  (03) 9583 6835 or Mrs. Margaret Butts, (03) 9589 5039.






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