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Year of the Family

It is ironic that in 2004, the 10th anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family, the institution of marriage on which family life is based is being contorted by homosexual lobbyists and judicial activists to a point at which the institution itself becomes meaningless. 

Educational Hurdles for Boys

Boys under-performance in education is a worldwide concern.  Women have overtaken men at every level of education in developed countries around the world, and girls are now more confident of getting better-paid, professional jobs than their flagging male counterparts. International education figures, published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, show a consistent picture, across cultures and continents, of women achieving better results than men.  The OECD survey is a detailed comparison of education achievement and spending in 43 developed countries.

Doctors Insurance and Unnecessary Operations

The concerns of doctors, especially obstetricians,  about  the   rising costs of  medical indemnity insurance   are frequently in the  news at the moment.     While one has sympathy for an obstetrician   who is sued when a baby  is unexpectedly disabled, there is another area of this  specialty  which  deserves  no sympathy: the abortion industry. The medical profession and particularly the  Royal Australian  and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) is culpable  for not policing  this red light district of medicine. 

Strengthening the Legal Framework of Marriage as the Union Between a Man and a Woman

The fundamental definition in Australian law of marriage as “the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life” is under attack from a number of directions. 

Transexuals in the USA

In a case in some ways  similar to the   Kevin and Jennifer case in Australia,  in the Pinellas, Florida, County Court, Judge Gerard O'Brien rejected the plea of  Linda Kantaras that because the man she married, Michael Kantaras, was actually born a woman (formerly "Margo"), the marriage was null and void. In a   decision (February 2003)  that will likely set precedent in legal issues regarding  transsexuals, Judge Gerard O'Brien ruled that though born a woman, Michael Kantaras is legally a male, and therefore his marriage to ex-wife Linda was legally valid.  The judge granted a divorce and gave transsexual Michael Kantaras custody of  Linda's  two children which he had adopted soon after they were born.  (The children were conceived using donated sperm from Michael's brother).

National and Overseas News

Gender Reassignment?

To obtain “Letters of Accreditation” so that Endeavour Forum representatives could attend the  48th session of the UN's  Commission on the Status of  Women meeting in New York in March this year, I had to fax  to the UN  my list of  representatives.  The Letters of Accreditation were duly faxed back, but all the males were listed as "Ms", even though I had carefully typed their correct titles --  myself   as "Mrs"  and the men as "Mr". or "Dr".  Thus on the UN Letters of Accreditation,  Charles has become "Ms Charles Francis",  Dr. Joel Brind is "Ms Joel Brind"  and John Barich is "Ms John Barich".  I know that some names can be used for  either sex (Hillary comes to mind immediately) but who  ever heard of a woman named "Charles" or "John"?  Perhaps the UN is impatient with the  slow pace of  the development of a UN-ISEX society, and has decided to do a bit of gender reassignment itself.

Men Without Jobs in Australia 

The changing face of the job market is creating a group of men in our community who are in danger of becoming a separate underclass, living on the edges of society. An expert on labour issues believes the death of the manufacturing sector, the dramatic drop in  full-time work and a lack of post high school education is forcing at least one in five men aged  between 25 and 45 to opt out of the workforce, forever.

News Release: Abstinence Education

Leslee Unruh, President and Founder of the Abstinence Clearinghouse, in a news release Janury 28, 2004, welcomed  results from the Zogby Poll that   parents overwhelmingly  support abstinence education.   "The abstinence until marriage community has always supported parents  as the primary sex educators of their children.  Parents want to be involved in the most sensitive subjects of their children's lives."

The Truth about AIDS

SARAH Henderson's faltering faith (Herald Sun, Wednesday) distorts Catholicism, but her belief "condoms fight HIV'' is also bad science. 

And why does Sarah indulge in ageism -- aren't the opinions of an 83-year-old pope who fought Nazism and played a major role in the defeat of the Soviet Union worth as much as those of a commentating company director? 

Abortion-Breast Cancer

The curious case of Frank O’Leary and the Medical Practitioners Board

In November 2000, one of our readers, Mr. Frank O'Leary of Mildura, sent   Dr. "X" who practises in a Melbourne suburban Community Health Centre  (for legal reasons we are not  publishing  his name)  a copy of our paper "What Every Woman in the World Should Know"  on the Abortion-Breast Cancer link.  Frank had previously  sent copies of this paper to many  doctors but the response from Dr. X was quite extraordinary - obviously Frank  struck a raw  nerve.


“Twilight of the Elites”

In his valuable book "The Twilight of the Elites”, Professor of Law, David Flint,  Chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Authority,  has had the temerity  to challenge  most of the  sacred cows of our politically correct elites.  The process will  no doubt ensure that he is  excluded (or continues to be excluded)   from  most academic circles. .   He  may also be  denigrated by  the liberal left for whom political correctness is a substitute for intelligent  analytical thinking.



In Association with the World Congress of Families& The Intercultural Dialogue in Celebration of  the 2004 International Year of the Family

Theme: The Natural Family in the 21st Century:  Challenge of the Next Decade






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