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The New World Disorder

To those who have had the blessing of living in an intact family it may seem incredible that the institution of marriage, which has existed for thousands of years, across cultures and religions, is now under threat of being re-defined out of existence. In Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Canada and several states of the US, homosexuals demand that their partnerships be given precisely the same status as marriage.

Mona Lisa Isn’t Smiling

Another feminist propaganda movie hit the theaters during the Christmas season, proving again that the feminists are an unhappy bunch whose lifestyle leads to loneliness. The heroine of "Mona Lisa Smile," Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts), ends up single and jobless on a slow boat to Europe, having tossed aside the latest of her faithless lovers.

Cooking the Books on Abortion/Breast Cancer

Contrary to the euphoric assurances of abortion supporters  and  of  Tom Noble  in The Age, the  study by Valerie Beral et al published in  The Lancet (27/March 04) and  reported extensively in the media,  denying the link between abortion and breast cancer,  is far from reassuring.  Firstly, the researchers did not conduct any new study, they merely re-analysed some  published studies and included some  ones which have NOT been published in peer review journals so the data cannot be assessed.

The Myth of the Safe Abortion

In the NSW Supreme Court on 8 April 2004 Justice Michael Grove  ruled that the brain damage of  a Sydney girl, Kristy Bruce,  a result of her mother's uterine rupture --  was  probably caused by a  previous abortion. Consequently the girl lost her claim against her  mother's obstetrician, Dr. Alan Kaye, for negligence.

Neurobiology Confirms Significance of Mothercare

Those in the pro-family movement have known both instinctively and from a multitude of   studies the vitally important role  mothers play in   the healthy development of babies and children.

World Congress of FamiliesS III, March 2004

The largest-ever international gathering - over 3,000 delegates - comprising  pro-family leaders, scholars, activists, and lobbyists met for three days in Mexico City in March this year to discuss the challenges which face the natural family in contemporary society.

The Reality of Partial Birth Abortion

The ban on this procedure became federal law in the United States  last November. Immediately Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Federation, and the American Civil Liberties Union filed lawsuits in three federal courts claiming the ban takes away a fundamental constitutional right.  Abortion doctors have taken the witness stand over the last few weeks to describe  how they abort children in the fifth and sixth months of pregnancy.  Below some extracts from their testimony. 

The Plight of Boys and Men

A landmark study launched in March 2004  for the Australian Family Association by Bob Birrell, Virgina Rapson and Clare Hourigan of  Monash University's Centre for Population & Urban Research, entitled "MEN AND WOMEN APART:  THE  DECLINE OF PARTNERING IN AUSTRALIA"  highlighted the plight of a growing underclass of men, victims of the economic changes of the past 20 years as manufacturing and blue collar jobs for men without post-school education decline.

Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation

The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation, whose President is Eleanor Schlafly, is dedicated to the promotion of  faith, family and freedom, especially freedom from communist oppression which still persists in China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba.  The Foundation publishes a monthly report on current issues, including reviews of important books  which may not get a  mention elsewhere.CMF  also holds annual conferences in Chicago, California, Kentucky, and Texas.

Endeavour Forum Inc. Public Meeting

In Association with the World Congress of Families III & The Intercultural Dialogue in Celebration of the 2004 International Year of the Family

The Status of  Marriage

7.30 pm on Tuesday, 22nd June 2004 at St. Joseph's Hall, 51 Stanhope St., Malvern Vic. 3144. 

Speakers:  Professor Richard Wilkins, JD, International Professor of Law, and Rev. Fr. Glen Tattersall, FSSP, BA, LL.B,  Chaplain, Latin Mass Society, Archdiocese of Melbourne.   The meeting will be chaired by Dr. J. N. Santamaria, OAM, President, Family Council of  Victoria.  The Opening Prayer will be said by Dr. Eloise Piercy and the vote of thanks will be given by Mrs. Jenny Stokes, Research Officer, Salt Shakers.All welcome, $5 donation appreciated.  RSVP:  Mrs. Prue Oldham 9583 6835 or Mrs. Margaret Butts 9589 5039






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