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Seduced By Lies

Australians for Ethical Stem Cell Research (AESCR), a national association of doctors and scientists, says the Federal Government has morally damaged Australian society by voting in the House of Representatives to overturn the ban on cloning, destructive experiments on embryos and the extraction of eggs from aborted female babies.


Five Doctors and a Dead Baby

Timed to perfection a week before Victoria’s recent state election, an eminent Melbourne obstetrician and gynaecologist made an emotive plea for the decriminalization of abortion reports Babette Francis.


Family-Friendly Childcare

The proposal from Federal Member for Mitchell, Alan Cadman, has been adopted by the House Of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Human Services as part of its Inquiry into Balancing Work and Family.

Fresh Voice in Childcare Debate

LIBERAL MP Jackie Kelly is to be applauded for her attempt to steer the childcare debate towards a more common sense and workable blueprint

There is, however, one essential item missing from that blueprint — that is, acknowledging the real work that mothers in the home contribute to society


Julia Gillard: Too Bad for the Boys

The election of Julia Gillard as deputy leader of the Labor Party brought back unhappy memories of giving evidence in 2000 to a House of Representatives Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Workplace Relations of which she was a member. The Committee was examining the educational disadvantage experienced by boys and seeking recommendations to ameliorate their plight.  Members of the public  could make submissions, and, among others, Alan Barron, Institute of Men's Studies, and I, were subsequently invited to make a verbal presentation.


Four Ways to Reduce Breast Cancer Rates

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  If you are tired of the media hype and want to make a REAL difference in breast cancer rates, then consider these suggestions.

Remember that breast cancer rates have surged this year to nearly 275,000 total cases (invasive and in-situ breast cancer) and nearly 41,000 deaths.

Ask yourself what the leaders of the cancer fundraising industry have done to DECREASE breast cancer rates.  Remember that breast cancer rates have climbed significantly on their watch!


The Boys from Missouri (Not Available)

Myths, Lies, and Falsehoods about Embryonic Stem Cell Research

One of the most colorful state mottoes is Missouri’s Show Me!

This exclamation is attributed to Congressman William Duncan Vandiver, who strongly invoked his state’s proud opposition to frothy eloquence, at a Philadelphia banquet in1900. I am from Missouri. You have got (sic) to show me. 


“A New Feminism”

Having recently written a book on manliness, I have been asked whether I have anything to say on femininity or womanliness. I do, but it takes the form of suggestions. I don't want to speak for women, as I think that each sex needs to speak for itself. It is quite natural for each sex to take its own side, and women will never simply accept a man's view-particularly not today, when they have acquired the habit of speaking for themselves.


Book Shelf

"Abortion in Australia into the 21st Century: facts, current trends and A Way Ahead"

This is a quite surprising book to be published by the NSW Right to Life since it reads impressively like a government executive publication.  Statistics and definitions are informative for us all, likewise, descriptions of abortion procedures.  The description of “partial birth abortion" is horrific.


"The Case Against Condoms"  by His Eminence Alfonso Cardinal Lopez Trujillo & Dr. Brian Clowes.  Published 2006  by Human Life International, USA.   Reviewed by Dr. Daphne Hennelly.



Endeavour Forum Inc. Birthday Tea Party

5 - 7 pm  on Friday, 2nd February 2007  at St. Michael's Hall, 2 Victory Blvde,  Ashburton, Vic. 3147.   Chairman: Mr. David Perrin, National President, Australian Family Association.   The Opening Prayer will be said by Miss Lucy De Summa, Secretary, Endeavour Forum Inc.  Guest Speaker:   Mr. Michael O'Brien, MLA, Vic.  The vote of thanks will be given by Dr. Daphne Hennelly. All welcome, $10  donation appreciated.  RSVP essential:   Prue Oldham,  Ph  9583 6835 or    Margaret Butts, (03) 9589 5039







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