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The Stem Cell Debate

Despite the UN Declaration adopted on 8 March 2005  banning all forms of human cloning -- both for research  (therapeutic) and reproductive purposes    Victorian Government Ministers and some scientists are whingeing that a ban on cloning means Australia will be "left behind"  in research.  However, all the research is showing that there are no clinical treatments from cloning or embryonic stem cells, while there are many from stem cells derived from ethical sources such as adult stem cells and cord blood.

Goodbye to Pope John Paul II The Great

Inspiration to the pro-life movement, author of   Evangelium Vitae, the Gospel of Life.    Priest, evangelist, poet, playwright, spokesman for the poor and the marginalized, defender of the faith, peaceful liberator of Eastern Europe from communism  - John Paul II was all those things. But we will also remember him for his staunch defence of human life from conception to natural death,  and for the alliances he forged across national and religious boundaries with people of good will in the pro-life and pro-family movements which enabled such coalitions to take on the culture of death forces dominating  the United Nations,  much of the media  and many political forums.

Miracle Cures are on the Nose

The saddest aspect of the debate over embryo-destructive stem cell research is the false hope given to sick people that a cure for their diseases is imminent

Success with Adult Stem Cells    

At present there are 58 types of diseases successfully treated by ADULT stem cell research - ZERO for embryonic stem cell research.  Almost daily we are getting reports of the advances made with ADULT stem cells and NOTHING regarding ESC (Embryonic Stem Cells).

Scientists: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

A scientist, who is a member of the South Korean team that cloned human embryos to destroy them for their stem cells, cast cold water on hopes for cures. The scientist, Ahn Curie, a doctor of transplantation medicine at Seoul National University Hospital, said patients should be very patient before expecting miracle cures from the controversial cells.

What Have Feminists Done to America's Fathers?

On Father's Day, Americans should ponder the appalling fact that an estimated 40 percent of our nation's children are living in homes without their own father.  Most of our social problems are caused by kids who grow up in homes without their own fathers: drug abuse, illicit sexual activity, unwed pregnancies, youth suicide, high school dropouts, runaways, and crime. 

Make Bub Bonus Better

What a delightful picture on the Herald Sun front page (1/4/05) of Treasurer Peter Costello with some of the babies born nine months after he announced the $3,000 baby bonus for mothers. Mr. Costello looked as proud  as any new Dad - he showed what can be achieved with a pro-natalist policy.  His exhortation on Budget night to have three children, "one for the husband, one for the wife and one for our country",  displayed faith in the future -  so much more optimistic than the gloomy Green scenario of nuclear winter/global warming/other apocalyptic events allegedly caused by "too many people". 

Baby Bonus

Australian Bureau of Statistics data indicates that Australia may be having a much-needed baby boom.    There have been more births, 255,000 in the past year, than in the preceding nine years.  While   this does not include the period of the $3000 bonus, Victorian hospitals are reporting a boost in birth rates of up to 10% nine months after the bonus was announced.   Peter   Costello commented that   "the lift in the birth rate was fantastic  - it shows there are a lot of really happy families and happy mums out there, and if the payment has encouraged them so much the better".

The Emperor's New Robes

On the bright side, after two weeks of TV coverage of the Terri Schiavo case, I think we have almost all liberals in America on record saying we can pull the plug on them. Of course, if my only means of entertainment were Air America radio, Barbra Streisand albums and reruns of "The West Wing," I too would be asking: "What kind of quality of life is this?" 

Abortion-Breast Cancer Headlines

Organizers of the World Conference on Breast Cancer evicted women who were educating conference attendees about the link between abortion and increased breast cancer risk.  Conference organizers used a lame excuse to justify their eviction.  They suggested that Muslim women were offended by use of the word "abortion."  It's far more likely that feminists needed to soothe their own psyches and protect the abortion industry, rather than women's lives. 

Reducing the Incidence of Abortion

Endeavour Forum has joined the campaign by the Australian Family Association to reduce the incidence of abortion.  The first step in the campaign is to lobby for a Parliamentary Inquiry into Abortion.

Having it Both Ways

Feminists have declared that logic is a male construct, so we should not be surprised  they  often insist  at one and the same time on two completely incompatible ideas, e.g. that women and men are not different in  regard to suitability for jobs, AND  that women and men  ARE indeed different  but this should not make a difference anyway.   Recently the  Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union  launched a claim  that women should have 12 extra days of leave each year in addition to  sick leave, to cope with "menstrual pain". 

Unbalancing Families

“More anti-male and anti-family   tripe has arrived from the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. A new discussion paper launched  in June  by federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward, 'Striking the Balance: Women, men, work and family', despite its rhetoric, was manifestly anti-men and anti-family.”

Europe Facing Infertility Epidemic - "Could Threaten Europe's Population"

The prevalence of infertility in Europe, and presumably in other developed nations, is likely to double in the next 10 years – from one in seven couples now to approximately one in three, according to a UK scientist.  Sheffield University Professor Bill Ledger warned that the increased prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases like Chlamydia is robbing women of fertility. Ledger presented his findings at a European conference on fertility. He said that the incidence of chlamydia, a STD that is known to cause infertility, has doubled over the last ten years. 




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