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Deconstruction of the West

The fragmentation of society in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia is alarming. No longer can we have civilized debates on controversial issues - it is all about identity politics. The conservative side of politics is accused of racism, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia and bigotry on a whole range of issues to which most people don't even give much thought, such as "transgenderism" - which is a big fraud anyway as a person cannot change his or her sex.

Virtue is automatically accorded to "out and proud" homosexuals, people of "colour", feminists, climate-change lobbyists, population-control activists, pro-abortionists, those opposed to free enterprise or "capitalism", those in favour of "open borders" and an unsustainable intake of illegal "refugees" - indeed, anything on the Left side of politics.

And who are the villains in this scenario? Why, white heterosexual men, of course! Melbourne columnist Rita Panahi (an American-born Iranian-Australian) has written satirically about how feminist websites recommend "healing from Toxic Whiteness" (Herald Sun, Melbourne, December 12, 2017). It is overlooked that it is white men who have developed washing machines and other labour-saving devices, which have eliminated much of the drudgery of housework for housewives.

Rita Panahi doesn't mention men specifically as being afflicted by Toxic Whiteness; but the collective Left generally assumes that women, presumably because of their female gender, are immune from Toxic Whiteness. Generally, that is, because at some leftaligned conferences in the United States, white feminists have been excluded because of their colour - or lack of it. The current Black/White divide in the U.S. is alarming: African-Americans are demanding segregated education and dormitories - the very discrimination their parents fought against.

Also in the U.S., influential Democrat Dana Nessel has asked Michigan voters to vote for her as state attorney-general - not on her qualifications, experience or policies, but because she lacks male genital organs... (CNN, December 5, 2017).

In this poisonous culture of identity victimhood there is no sign of the so-called disadvantaged minorities accepting personal responsibility for any failings. Instead, blame is attributed to their "victim status" of race, class, gender or sexuality.

All this is coupled with a determination that conservative voices should not be heard. Conservatives do not picket left-wing speakers or conferences, but the collective Left are determined that "right-wing" voices should be suppressed. Witness the violence that attended the speeches of Milo Yiannopoulos in Australia - riots and hundreds of police required to protect the venues where he spoke.

Australian Christian Lobby and Endeavour Forum Inc. have been subjected to similar violence. Ironically, state governments have recently demanded that the ACL should have to pay for police protection rather than charging the protestors for violence and damage to property.

If governments have a commitment to free speech, they need to guarantee that conservative conferences and speakers will be protected from the violence of the Left.

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