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Endeavour Forum aims to enhance the status of uniquely female roles - we affirm that men and women are equal but different, not equal and the same.

We support the right to life of all human beings from conception to natural death. Our aim is a society in which married women with children can work or not work in paid employment as they choose. We can only do this by educating the public and the parliamentary representatives of the situation facing families today.

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The main function of our quarterly newsletters is to provide a critique of feminism. We are realists not feminists. Our quarterly newsletters deal with current issues concerning feminism, abortion, child care, equal opportunity, affirmative action, euthanasia, sex differences, and pro-life and pro-family topics.

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My Odd-Given Right to be Mrs Thatcher

Babette Francis - Quadrant Online, March 10th, 2017

Bruce Jenner declared himself to be Caitlin and did very nicely in the switch, hailed for "bravery" and dress sense alike while showered with attention and speaker's fees. Forgive me, but that is so unfair! Why will no one accept and endorse my desire to be acknowledged as a deceased British PM?

After a talk I gave to a group of local citizens in Bendigo, a lady commented somewhat wryly: "The United States was the first country to put a man on the moon and Obama is the first US President to put a man in a ladies' bathroom." I was reminded of her comment when I read the latest outburst from the transgendered "Caitlyn" Jenner, nee Bruce Jenner, father of several children and winner of Olympic medals as a male athlete.

I use the word "reality" with some timidity lest I set off a whole new philosophical debate ...

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Panic in the Left's Giggle Factory

Babette Francis - Quadrant Online, November 19th, 2016

He isn't making with the gags himself, but Donald Trump is boosting global merriment by inspiring his critics to make monumental jokes of themselves. They simper, they sob, they pack suitcases and, most of all, they sneer non-stop at voters deemed so less intelligent than their precious selves.

If US President-elect Donald Trump achieves nothing during his four years in the White House, he has at least given us days of laughter following his election. In this grim world of ours there is often little to laugh about, so thank you, Mr. President-elect, for the hilarity following your election. Observing the mainstream media scrutinizing the tea leaves (and their own entrails) has been side-splitting.

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The Deconstruction of Reality - Safe Schools Coalition Program

by Babette Francis, posted Friday, 26 February 2016 OnLine Opinion

Results in education appear somewhat dismal for Australian school students. Learning First, an Australian education research group has reported on data from the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) which tested the basic skills of half a million 15-year-old students in 65 industrialized countries in 2012.

The data showed that Chinese students were three years head of Australian students in maths, and eighteen months ahead in reading and science. Australian students are also 17 months behind Hong Kong students in maths, 20 months behind students in Singapore, and five months behind students in the Canadian province of British Columbia. No doubt our state and federal governments' education bureaucracies will give these deficiencies in our school systems the attention that is warranted.

But there is a far more serious problem affecting Australian school children, and it has only recently come to light. This is a devastating medical and health problem which requires consideration at the highest level of Government and by our Health and Medical Departments. Apparently a substantial number of Australian school children have no genitals. It is not clear whether these hapless children were born without genitals or had to have them surgically removed for various reasons, but this tragedy requires the most urgent attention, and Australian parents should be most grateful to the Safe Schools Coalition for drawing attention to their plight.

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The Deconstruction of Gender

by Babette Francis

A speech delivered on September 13, 2015, at the 44th Eagle Council, the major annual conference of the Eagle Forum, held in St Louis, Missouri.

The title of my paper is "The Deconstruction of Gender", but it is really about the deconstruction of reality and what is bordering on a collective insanity. I say "bordering on insanity", because there is still apparently a line to be crossed. A man is a hero if he calls himself a woman, but if he thinks he is Napoleon he is regarded as crazy; but is it any more likely that Bruce Jenner is a woman than a reincarnated Napoleon? I was born in India where many Hindus believe in reincarnation, so a man, especially one who has fathered several children, is just as likely to be Napoleon as he is to be a woman. And what if a man thinks he is a chicken trapped in a man's body? If a man is called courageous because he says he is a woman, isn't he even more courageous for saying he is a chicken? And how long before we provide him with feather implants, poultry hormones and beak surgery? Let him strut and crow and legally marry hens. Let's open a new frontier not merely in transgender but in trans-species.

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Report on World Congress of Families Regional Event

Babette's Feast - behind a steel mesh fence

by Babette Francis, National and Overseas Coordinator of Endeavour Forum Inc.

The heroine of the film "Babette's Feast" had a struggle to bring smiles to the faces of her dour employers and I was determined to do the same for all those who registered for the Melbourne Regional Event of the World Congress of Families, but I hadn't realised the formidable obstacles in my path.

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"Cardinal Pell and Islam"

Cardinal Pell's speech to the Legatus Summit, Florida, 4/2/2006 - Cardinal George Pell

(readers might like to access it from our site because it is missing from the News Weekly website apparently because of a "broken link" - Editor)

"Can Islam and the Western democracies live together peacefully? What of Islamic minorities in Western countries? Views on this question range from näive optimism to bleakest pessimism. Those tending to the optimistic side of the scale seize upon the assurance of specialists that jihad is primarily a matter of spiritual striving, and that the extension of this concept to terrorism is a distortion of koranic teaching. On the pessimistic side of the equation, concern begins with the Koran itself. In my own reading of the Koran, I began to note down invocations to violence. There are so many of them, however, that I abandoned this exercise after 50 or 60 or 70 pages. I will return to the problems of Koranic interpretation later in this paper..." Read More