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The Infant Viability Bill

Dear I.V.B. Committee Members,

A sincere thank you to all who have been involved! Together we have fought a good fight and be assured, we will continue to fight for what we believe in until we achieve our goals.

For the benefit of the committee here is a brief summary of what we have accomplished during this campaign in support of the Infant Viability Bill:

1. A well developed website with information about and in support of the Bill. Thank you to those who sent through articles or videos which we could add to our website. Furthermore, we have almost two thousand supporters who have liked our Facebook Page and actively been involved and informed via this social media site.

2. We have conducted one of the largest petitioning drives Victoria has seen in a number of years with a total of 42K+ signatures. This alone is quite an achievement!

3. Moreover, we have raised awareness about the current abortion issues and have received encouragement and support through the knowledge that the majority of Victorians oppose late term abortion. Through a generous donor we were able to conduct a Galaxy Poll which proved this to be true and provides us with future evidence to support our goals.

4. Again, through another generous donation we were able to place a beautiful image on a billboard (Nicholson Street and Elgin Street, Carlton) which promoted the positivity of this Bill, beauty of life and age of viability.

5. Donations through word of mouth, emails, the 20for20 social media campaign, the Life Dinner, from supporters, committee members and from the Infant Viability Bill Rally have meant we have been able to pay for The 20 Week Movement campaign in support of the Bill. A big thank you to all you have donated and encouraged others to do the same!

6. Light FM was another great break through to help promote the Bill and especially promotion of the rally. Through the work of some committee members other radio stations were contacted and also aired information about Rachel and her Bill.

7.The Rally on Saturday 21st of May was a great opportunity to show the faces of those who support this Bill - approximately 1,500 supporters stood to listen to the speeches and we thankfully had a day without any protesters!

8. Letter writing workshops were conducted throughout a number of parishes and many supporters wrote to me saying they had signed the petitions and were going to write many letters to their MPs.

9. Many supporters and committee members went to visit MPs. This personable contact did make an impact with a few of these politicians. I personally had the privilege of advocating for the Bill and was able to meet with Melinda Bath, Damian Drum and Daniel Young. I am aware that a total of 11 MPs voted in favour of the Bill and that the numbers were quite close for some time.

In summary, this campaign has been a combined effort of minds and forces. While we have not achieved the ultimate goal of getting this Bill passed this time, we have made a significant stand and will continue to run this marathon.

Thank you once again! It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you in support of the important, and much needed, Infant Viability Bill. Every life deserves a lifetime!
Kind regards,
Mariana Hladik Project Officer, The 20 Week Movement, E: Website:

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