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The Forgotten Victims

Australians have rightly been appalled by the tragic deaths of asylum seekers drowned at sea in their efforts to reach our shores. Whether they are genuine political refugees or illegal economic migrants, they deserve better - especially from the Islamic regimes of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan who drive their citizens away from home in their desperate search for freedom. Especially heartbreaking was the picture of the small coffin of the baby who drowned - but we should also mourn the thousands of other little Australians who are deliberately killed each year, the 100,000 annual forgotten victims of our billion-dollar abortion industry.

The hypocrisy of the feminist "stakeholders" in the abortion industry is breathtaking. Not once during the pregnancy of Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was her unborn baby referred to as a "fetus". It was always a baby or a "baby bump". And that terminology displays not only hypocrisy but snobbishness - if the mother is a "royal", she is expecting a baby and has a baby bump, but if she is a commoner, she is carrying a fetus, just a clump of cells.

Not only hypocrisy but tastelessness was on display in Texas recently when pro-abortion feminists attempted to disrupt the legislature during debate on the ban on abortions post 20-weeks gestation. Not only do the "choice" brigade reject scientific evidence that the unborn baby can feel excruciating pain at 20 weeks gestation, they also vehemently oppose mothers considering abortion from seeing their babies on ultrasound. Why? In any other area of surgery, it would be malpractice to deny patients the relevant ultrasound or x-ray pictures, yet the same feminists who insist that induced abortion should be regarded as just another health procedure also insist on it being treated differently.

In Texas legislators were threatened by pro-abortion feminists with jars of body fluids, a display of tampon "earrings" and invocations to the abortion industry's pal, Satan. All very logical of course....Well Satan did not win this one, the Texas legislature passed the Bill banning abortions post- 20 weeks gestation.

The US House of Representatives has also a bill that is a milestone against legalized abortion. The legislation, sparked by the murder conviction of Philadelphia late-term abortion provider, Kermit Gosnell, who snipped the spinal cords of babies born alive after abortion, restricts almost all abortions to the first 20 weeks after conception, defying laws in most states that allow abortions up to when the fetus becomes viable, usually considered to be around 24 weeks.

In the coming Australian federal election we have the choice of voting for pro-life parties - the DLP, Australian Christians/ Christian Democrat Party, Rise Up Australia Party, Family First. Vote for their candidates and think carefully about who you will allocate your preferences to.

The ALP has abortion written into its party platform. The best that can be said for the Coalition is that it will not initiate abortion, euthanasia and other anti-life legislation and allows a conscience vote on Life bills without threatening the pre-selections of those who vote against anti-life Bills. The election of a Coalition government will at least give pro-lifers and our organisations some breathing space so we are not constantly on the back foot battling death Bills. It will be then up to us to use this breathing space to continue our work of educating the public, i.e. the voters, on the humanity of the unborn child and its right to life.

We also have some hope also that we may be able to persuade a Coalition government to cut Australia's funding for abortion in our overseas "aid" budget.

Not to be forgotten in your voting decisions is Kevin Rudd’s “conversion” to the cause of homosexual “marriage”. Most studies show that children thrive best when reared by their biological parents who are married to one another. In homosexual relationships where children are involved, there is always one biological parent excluded from the homosexual “family”. So think carefully about how you allocate your preferences - Current Prime Minister Rudd is for homosexual “marriage”.

After the elections are over, continue the work of educating the public on the right to life of the unborn by supporting the March for the Babies, Australia’s major public pro-life event.

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