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NEWSLETTER No. 144 , October 2011

Endeavour Forum Inc
NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC of the UN


Special Events:

March for the Babies
Besides speaking at the March for the Babies Rally on Saturday, 8th October 2011, Cindy Collins will be speaking in Melbourne, 7/8 October), Sydney (9th October) and Brisbane (10/11 October).
For information contact:
Melbourne: Babette Francis, Endeavour Forum Inc, Ph:
(03) 9822 5218 or Spero Katos, Christian Democratic Party,
Ph: (03) 9528 2509
Sydney: Paul Russell, NSW Right to Life, Ph: 0407 500
881 or (02) 9299 8350
Brisbane: Teresa Martin, Cherish Life, Ph: (07) 3871 2445

Signs of Hope

Landmark pro-life legislation passed in Louisiana and signed by Governor Bobby Jindal in July 2011 could be a model for drafting legislation in Australian states. (See page 2). The bill was dubbed the "Signs of Hope Bill" because of testimony to the Louisiana House and Senate by Cindy Collins, director, World Generation Outreach Pregnancy Help Center in Louisiana...

Liberty of Conscience

On the 10th day of the 10th month at 10.35pm the abortion bill passed the Victorian Upper House effectively and legally allowing abortion through to term by any method for any reason and with doctors compelled to be complicit in the process...

Euthanasia and Senator Brown’s enabling Bills

The first legislation in the world allowing euthanasia was the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995 [ROTI Act] which was passed by the Northern Territory (NT) and which became law on 1 July 1996.....

Euthanasia Bill in South Australia

I was horrified to learn, a short time ago, that the South Australian House of Assembly (lower house) has just voted in favour of Labor MP Steph Key’s radical euthanasia bill...

Blessed Cardinal Clemens von Galen - the pro-life “Lion” of Münster

The culture of death has long roots - from the Romans who exposed unwanted infants on the hilltops to Hitler's death camps to our own era of abortion and euthanasia. This year marks the 70th anniversary of a series of sermons preached by Blessed Clemens von Galen, (1878- 1946), Bishop of Münster during the Nazi regime...

Letters in the National Post, Canada, on the Abortion Breast Cancer Link

"The evidence is clear, we hold the cancer societies accountable for not informing women about the link, and demand them to do their homework and begin a massive education campaign that will truly prevent women from getting breast cancer..."

Contemporary Mythmaking

G.K. Chesterton once said that when people stop believing in God, the problem isn't that they believe in nothing, it's that they will believe anything. We see that in our present time - the Greenies and many of their fellow travellers don't believe in God but they believe in Al Gore, even though Mr. Justice Barton of the British High Court found nine significant errors in Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth"...

The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood

Although the Planned Parenthood Federation of America(PPFA) advertises itself as an organisation promoting health for women and families, it is the nation's biggest abortion provider and has been plagued by scandal and abuse...

Book Shelf

Two books on review here:

"Mothering Matters: the sources of love, and how our culture harms infants, women and society" by Dr. Peter S. Cook. and

“STRAINED RELATIONS: The Challenge of Homosexuality” by Bill Muehlenberg.....

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