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NEWSLETTER No. 146 , May 2012

Endeavour Forum Inc
NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC of the UN


Special Events:

Life Dinner 2012
6:30pm, Saturday, 23rd June 2012 at Melrose Receptions, Cnr. Melrose and Carrick Drives, Tullamarine, Vic.
Guest Speaker:
Mr Alex Schadenberg,
Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition - Canada
"To Care, not kill - supporting a culture of life"

Cost: $80 (incl 3 course meal and drinks). Students $60.
Friday 15th June, 2012 to Phyllis Restall on (03) 9816 0800, Mob. 0429 336 053 or email on:

Stable Families’ Economic Dividend

The Sustainable Demographic Dividend, a report released in October 2011, contends that the long-term fortunes of the modern economy rise and fall with the family...

The Perils of Euthanasia

On March 22, the Quebec government's Dying with Dignity Commission released its recommendations concerning euthanasia and palliative care. The media reported that the commission recommended the legalization of assisted suicide in exceptional cases...

Endeavour Forum at the UN's Commission on the Status of Women

Countries which legalize prostitution engage in a new imperialism which instead of exploiting the developing world of its ores and minerals, exploit such countries' vulnerable women and children by trafficking them into their legal sex industries...

The Mindszenty Report

The War on American Boys: The Feminist Assault on Males

The Abortion and Breast Cancer Link

The longer a woman waits to have her first full term pregnancy (FFTP), the higher her risk of breast cancer as her immature, cancer-vulnerable breast tissue is exposed to carcinogens for a longer duration. A woman who has her FFTP at 20 years of age has a 90% lower risk of breast cancer than a woman who remains childless or waits until she is 30 for her FFTP...

Same-sex “marriage” is not a basic human right

Those who are pushing for the redefining of traditional marriage to include same-sex couples claim that marriage is just a recognition of love and everyone’s right. They ignore the fact that no international convention signed by Australia acknowledges same-sex marriage as a right. Religions may support marriage as the union of a man and a woman but they did not create the traditional concept of marriage...

The Phyllis Schlafly Report

The High Costs of Marriage Abscence...

Memo to the Australian Labor Party - look at your Emily's List faction

The number of political candidates who are members of Emily’s List in the Queensland parliament appears to have been reduced from as many as 13 to as few as one. Before the election, the Emily’s List Australia website encouraged the public to donate as much as $2,500 individually to a list of nine candidates, each of whom had signed a ‘pro-choice pledge’...

Feminist ideology deconstructed

The feminist cadre has always won their wars against the“family” because of the deconstruction process used. Using the “hard” cases stories of abuse by some males, they were able to highlight those abuses and stridently call for change,...

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