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NEWSLETTER No. 141 , February 2011

Endeavour Forum Inc
NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC of the UN


Special Events:

Endeavour Forum Inc, Public Meeting
Celebrating our 32nd Birthday

7 pm, Friday, 4th February 2011 at Mannix College, Monash University, Wellington Rd., Clayton, Vic. 3168. The meeting will be chaired by Mr. David Perrin, National President, Australian Family Association. Guest speaker: Senator Guy Barnett, (Lib, Tasmania) on "Defending Marriage".
The Opening Prayer will be said by Mrs. Fides Ferlin.
Mrs. Jenny Stokes
, Research Director, Salt Shakers, will give the vote of thanks.
David Perrin and Babette Francis will present the Phyllis Schlafly Awards.
The meeting will be followed by supper. , $10 donation appreciated.
RSVP essential: Mrs. Prue Oldham, (03) 9583 6835 or
Mrs. Margaret Butts, (03) 8588 1792

Greens Menace Halted

When Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would lead a worldwide prayer vigil for nascent human life on Saturday, 27th November 2011, it boded well for the Victorian state elections held on that same day. Endeavour Forum Inc. together with other pro-life organisations was heavily involved with the Life Vote campaign...

VE Days! Victories in Europe

On October 7th, 2010, at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) the 47 European Member States international organisation, an attack on the right of conscientious objection in medical care was totally defeated...

National Cancer Institute Must Tell Women of Link

Breast Cancer Awareness Month each October is a noble and worthy endeavor to raise awareness of this dread disease and how it affects the women we love and their families. We have indeed made great strides against this disease in all areas: etiology, early detection, and treatment...

Stem Cell Developments

The vast majority of peer review studies confirm that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. Many of these studies predate the modern political controversy concerning abortion, and some are conducted in nations where abortion is less politicized than in the United States...

Sexual Diversities of the Australian Human Rights Commission

Some of those who have heard me speak about the debates at the UN on "gender" and the failure of some UN conferences to agree that there are two genders, male and female, may have thought I was joking. I listed some of the
"genders" UN feminists wanted us to recognise besides 'male' and 'female': homosexual, asexual, bisexual, transgendered, transexual....

How to phase in Parent Vouchers for childcare funding

I want to stop Australia from adopting the socially and economically destructive paid parental leave and childcare policies of Europe, Canada and the US. The long-term effect of these policies, which preferentially fund families that outsource their children's care to government-funded institutions, will be a more highly taxed and uncivil society...

Greens Ideology is flawed

Despite no international climate agreement, there is no question the Green Race is on between countries to transform to low-carbon economies and become the leading suppliers of resource-efficient technologies and solutions. Whilst Australia works to develop a policy - the rest of the world is building competences and scale.....

The Story Behind the Wikileaks Saga

November 30, 2010: An openly homosexual soldier, angry with the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy and allegedly hurt by a break-up with a boyfriend, has just leaked massive amounts of state secrets. By leaking those secrets he has risked the lives of fellow soldiers as well as contacts worldwide working to defeat America’s enemies. Private First Class Bradley Manning entered the military under the
“Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell” policy...

Thirty Studies in Five Years Show Abortion Hurts Women’s Mental Health

On Sunday November 7th 2010 the Washington Post published an opinion by Dr. Brenda Major titled “The Big Lie about Abortion and Mental Health.” I would like to offer another perspective on dishonesty permeating the scientific study and dissemination of information pertaining to abortion and mental health....

Judges Get Their Comeuppance

The most important decision the [US] voters made on November 2 may turn out to be Iowa sending out to pasture three state supreme court judges who had voted to make same-sex marriage constitutional, overriding the wishes of the people in Iowa and their elected representatives...

Gendercide: Sex Selection Abortion and Infanticide

Gender selection might also be called "gendercide" - the killing of people because of their sex. In the modern world it has two main characteristics - first it is overwhelmingly the killing of girls because they are girls....

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