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Challenging Times

In the last quarter of 2017, Australia faces three urgent challenges. The first is the constant threat of violence posed by Islamic fundamentalists and the misogyny inherent in Islam. Endeavour Forum Inc. appears to be the only Australian women's NGO which is publicising the oppression of women in Islam - the feminist "sisterhood" is totally silent on this issue, and labels as Islamophobic any concerns that are raised. Bizarre was the statement of Lesbian Senator Penny Wong, Opposition Leader in the Senate, that the burka is a religious symbol when it is so obviously a symbol of the oppression of women.

Based on her knowledge of the Muslim provinces of pre- Partition India which later became Pakistan, Babette Francis has been given the opportunity to speak on the dangers of Islam in lectures in the USA, and we need funds to cover her visit. Please donate what you can - page 12 has bank details, or send a cheque to Endeavour Forum Inc., 79 Church St., Beaumaris, Vic. 3193.

The second challenge we face is the "Assisted Dying" Bill to be tabled in the Victorian Parliament. Please read all the information you get from Paul Russell of Hope, Margaret Tighe of Right to Life Australia, and Denise Cameron of Pro Life Victoria. It is imperative that you write (emails are not as effective) to your local Member of the Legislative Assembly, and all five Members of the Legislative Council for your Region. Visit their offices whether you can get an appointment or not, and make your views clear. In overseas countries assisted suicide or euthanasia is not only conducted on the terminally ill, but also on those who are just old, lonely, depressed or suffering from dementia, and even children have been euthanised. Although this Bill, which has not been tabled at the time this Newsletter is printed, is described as a minimalist Bill with strict safeguards, it will not stop at that. Once the legislation is in place, and Assisted Suicide is in operation, there will be Amendments to expand the scope of Euthanasia

The third challenge we are confronted with is the proposed legalisation of homosexual "marriage" and the postal plebiscite to be conducted on this issue. Voting is not compulsory, but please vote NO and encourage your family and friends to do so also. If homosexual "marriage" is legalised, anyone with conscientious objections will pay the price by being targeted for legal action, government fines, maybe loss of their business and bankruptcy, and slurs of "bigotry" and "homophobia". In the USA where homosexual marriage has been legalised by the US Supreme Court in the infamous Obergefell v Hodges decision, despite several states having legislation in place in support of traditional marriage, exemptions from celebrating homosexual marriages have only been granted to religious celebrants. Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, who declined to sign marriage licences for homosexual couples on the basis that doing so violated her religious beliefs was jailed for five days. Eventually her case was settled by having the names of county clerks deleted from marriage licences.

Not so lucky are the florists, bakers and others who declined to provide services for homosexual weddings although they had provided their services to homosexual clients for other occasions. Their cases are winding their way to the US Supreme Court. In Australia, even though homosexual marriage has not been legalised, Archbishop Julian Porteous of Hobart was charged with breaching Tasmania's antidiscrimination legislation because of a booklet supporting traditional marriage sent to parents of children in Catholic schools. Small business owners who have conscientious objections to homosexual marriage will have no protection and will be particularly vulnerable to militant prosecutions initiated by the homosexual lobby.

March for the Babies On a happier note, we are advertising the annual March for the Babies in Melbourne on October 7th (see p.16). Ed Martin, President of Phyllis Schlafly's Education & Legal Defence Fund, will be one of the speakers at the March, and he will also be speaking in other cities during October: Details below:

Family Voice Australia, 10th October, Public Schools Club, 207 East Terrace, Adelaide: contact David D'Lima, Ph: 1300 365 965.
Endeavour Forum Inc: Brisbane, 12 October, contact Mrs. Marie McCullagh, (07) 3356 5038
Rev. Fred Nile will be hosting Ed Martin at ll am on 13 October in Parliament House, Sydney. Ph: (02) 9230 2478
NACL dinner at Canberra House of Prayer, 14th October, contact Graham McLennan, Ph: 0478 127 427

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