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Threats to Religious Freedom

It is not only priests and ministers of religion who are entitled to "religious freedom". All believers should have the right not to be coerced into actions that violate their conscientious beliefs. This principle is being seriously violated in regard to homosexual "marriage" in the USA (see p.2) and there will be similar violations here if homosexual "Marriage" is legalised. In Australia homosexual couples are free to live as they wish, they can hold commitment ceremonies catered for by those who wish to do so. They have no restrictions on bringing up children in their care and indoctrinating them with LGBTIQ propaganda from infancy.

Wherever homosexual "marriage" is legalisd however, those who disagree, or have a conscientious objection, religious or otherwise, to participating in such "wedding" ceremonies, are compelled by law to violate their conscience. They are not free to live as they wish, are denied parental rights to bring up their children as they see fit, and become virtually second class citizens.

Senator Eric Abetz (Lib. Tasmania) has made a very important contribution to this issue. When the Senate Committee's Report on the Exposure Draft Bill regarding same-sex marriage was tabled in the Senate in February, Senator Abetz wrote to Endeavour Forum and other supporters stating:
"I have taken the rare step of submitting Additional Comments to the Report because it's vital we protect our societal foundational institution. My comments can be found here marriage_additionalcomments.pdf

"Marriage has been the bedrock institution of our society for millennia especially designed to protect children. As such, any redefinition of marriage would have far reaching effects throughout our legal system and society at large, and therefore must be approached with caution, restraint and rationality, things that have been sadly missing from the public arguments proposing change.

"The Australian people are entitled to be told the full extent of the consequences of any proposed change. The Committee report helps highlight the consequences of change and exposes the shallowness and glibness of the campaign to change the definition of marriage. It would be no small matter. Even the Attorney General's Department was unable to say with any accuracy how many other Commonwealth Acts would need to be consequently amended.
"Thank you for your support in helping to protect children. "Australia's infamy on abortion funding in our overseas aid has made news overseas. LifeNews reports Australia will be giving $9.5 million for abortion services as part of our international "aid". Coercive legislation in Victoria and Tasmania require doctors who on conscientious grounds will not perform abortions to refer their patients to practitioners who have no such objections, thus making pro-life physicans unwilling accomplices in the death culture. Now our overseas "aid" will be used by international abortion agencies, some of which co-operate with China's forced abortions policies in which abortion is compulsory after two children. The US Mexico City Policy, re-instated by President Trump, ensures U.S. foreign aid of millions of dollars will continue to go to health care and humanitarian relief . It just will not subsidize abortion overseas.

The Australian policy seems almost incomprehensible - if the Turnbull government was looking for a policy to alienate its conservative base it could not have found a better one. Women in developing countries need basic health and maternity care, not abortion facilities. Abortion does not create "gender equality" as Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims, especially when the majority of the babies aborted are female. And what about our enormous budget deficit?

The increased incidence of abortion in countries such as India and China has led to a major increase of breast cancer (see p. 3). Prior to pregnancy, the cells in a woman's breast are immature and vulnerable to cancer. That is why childless women are at a higher risk of breast cancer than women who have had children. Breast cells do not mature and become more resistant to cancer until 32 weeks of pregnancy, therefore an abortion prior to 32 weeks will increase the number of cancer-vulnerable cells in a woman's breasts.

Endeavour Forum is holding an NGO Parallel Event in New York during the UN's session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Our Event entitled "Reproductive Health of Asian Women", is at 4.30 pm, 10th Floor, the Church Centre on 23rd March. Speakers: Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, breast surgeon and President of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, Dr. Joel Brind, Professor of Human Biology & Endocrinology, and Mrs. Denise Mountenay, President & Founder, Canada Silent No More. The Event will be chaired by Marianna Orlandi of C-Fam.

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