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Beyond Parody

Babette Francis

The Australian Human Rights Commission which is funded by our taxes, is not fazed by its recent failures in harassing The Australian's cartoonist, Bill Leak, and University of Queensland students, it has now launched a campaign to change the title of the "Same Sex Marriage Bill" to the "Definition of Marriage Bill" to include all those who don't identify as a man or woman. "The draft title of the Act unnecessarily and inaccurately excludes couples which are neither 'the union of a man and a woman' nor 'same sex'," the federal agency told a Senate inquiry. "The proposed amendments to the Marriage Act would enable two people to marry irrespective of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status".

Just how many Australians don't identify as a man or a woman is not known, but keep in mind that Facebook recognises 57 genders, so clearly there is a huge constituency out there for whom the Australian Human Rights Commission is lobbying. However, as Tim Blair columnist in The Daily Telegraph writes: "Very well, The Daily Telegraph will gladly support this initiative if the AHRC also agrees to change its own name. After all, in its present form the Human Rights Commission does not recognise the rights of humans who do not identity as humans. Otherkin rights now! End humanist discrimination!"

On a more serious note, the Family Research Council (US) stated in regard to the Barronelle Stutzman case on homosexual "marriage" (see p. 2) that "The court ignored an opportunity to reaffirm the basic principle that the government may not trample on the constitutional rights of free speech and the free exercise of religion. These rights do not stop at the door of your local church, and instead extend to every area of a religious person's life. The government has no authority to force Americans like Barronelle Stutzman to engage in speech and events with which they morally disagree.

"Americans were told repeatedly that redefining marriage would have little impact on their lives. Yet now courts are seeking to drive families from their businesses - and now today even their homes as the result of crippling government imposed fines designed to force them to deny their faith. Barronelle knew her customer and friend identified as gay, yet happily served him for years; she just didn't want to be involved in his "wedding". But the American Civil Liberties Union and the Washington State government couldn't stand this, and decided to make an example out of her."

More parody: In protesting the confirmation of school choice advocate Betsy Devos as US Education Secretary, some Leftists are threatening to homeschool their children. Lost on them apparently is the irony of that threat, but the wide constituency of homeschoolers will no doubt welcome them into their ranks and provide them with all the information and programs they need.

The so-called "Women's March on Washington" the day after Donald Trump's inauguration went off without widespread violence, and that has some liberals furious. Ijeoma Oluo, editor at large of feminist website The Establishment, said "the reason no one was arrested was that the marchers were primarily white women," The Washington Times reports. Ijeoma told a Boston public radio station."To brag that no one was arrested at a march that was filled with white women, as if that is an accomplishment that you really had a huge part of, what it does say is that marches that were branded as 'disruptive' are less than".

Perhaps the reason they weren't arrested is they limited vulgarity to speech, not actions. You can't be arrested if you don't break the law. Although Madonna said she fantasized about blowing up the White House, she didn't actually show up with bombs. Ijeoma Oluo made many more critical comments which raises the intriguing thought that liberals might start having marches to protest against each other....

And final comment on Obama's Presidency: "The US was the first country to put a man on the moon, and Obama was the first US President to put a man in a lady's bathroom... "

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