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The End of Wimmin?

Babette Francis

I am almost beginning to feel sorry for the contemporary feminist movement - you know the sisterhood that fought so hard for the right to kill their own babies in utero, to be addressed as "Ms" to conceal their marital status - or lack of - and who wanted to be known as "wimmin" to make it clear that their identity had nothing at all to do with MEN. But now their identity is completely lost in thousands of other genders which have recently been discovered by liberal scientists engaged in gender studies.

According to David Hiscox from the Australian news organisation XYZ (which is dedicated to the principles of classical liberalism and large doses of satire) gender varieties are so numerous that "as can be seen from a photo of planet Earth", when all known gender identities are laid out next to each other, they cover an area the size of the Amazon basin. A new scientific study has confirmed that the current number of known varieties of gender, 365,000 in all, are so numerous, that if they were laid down side by side, they could be 'seen from space.' Published in the prestigious journal Science, under the title, 'The known transuniverse: Demystifying trans-social attitudes to phenomenology and trans-epistemology regarding the solidification of patriarchal structures of trans-trans-gender,' the article proves the existence of massive constellations of previously unknown genders, and points to the possibility of many more.

"A member of the Australian Greens has stated that although the study is 'encouraging,' ze still feels excluded by such a conservatively low figure. 'This is definitely a step in the right direction, but it shows that we, as a society, still have a very long way to go.' The Greens member stated that ze would like to see much greater funding for future exploration of gender varieties, saying it would need to be in the realm of 'hundreds of billions of dollars.' Asked where the money for such research could come from, the XYZ was informed that 'we spend far too much money on national defence and men's health, and we could still appropriate far greater wealth from the kulak classes.'

"Some of the numbers put forth in the new study truly are huge. For example, it is calculated that if every human being who ever lived was to spend each second of their life discovering one new gender, we would still have only discovered 0.000001% of all genders currently believed to possibly exist. Another way of putting this, is that if you stacked all the genders, both known and unknown, on top of each other, they would stretch half the distance from Earth to Pluto. An unnamed source involved in the study told The XYZ, 'It's the sort of thing which makes you realise just how insignificant you are, and why we really should have your liver... and you should pay higher taxes.' "

"We asked the Greens member if ze still held out hope that one day, scientists would discover a gender which was just right for zer. At this, ze was adamant - 'I believe it is somewhere out there.'"

However, there is one obstinate professor in Canada who is declining to address these alternatively gendered by their preferred pronouns. On Oct. 26th, Dr. Jordan Peterson, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Toronto appeared on the TV program The Agenda with host Steve Paikin and defended himself valiantly against three gender-rights activists. He was asserting his right to stick to the English language rather than adopting the various newly-minted personal pronouns, like xe, thon, zer and a singluar 'they', to refer to those who identify with a multitude of alternative gender identities. At the present time, Canadian Bill C-16 threatens to make it a violation of human rights for anyone to refuse to use these pronouns.

Dr. Peterson showed no signs of being intimidated by the leftwing barrage against him as the followng exchange shows: Paikin: "Are you prepared to suffer the consequences that society may deem you need to suffer because of your views?" Peterson: "Yes, I'm prepared to do that....I think the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal is probably obligated by their own tangled web to bring me in front of it. If they fine me, I won't pay it. If they put me in jail, I'll go on a hunger strike. I'm not doing this, and that's that. I'm not using the words that other people require me to use, especially if they're made up by left-wing ideologues".

Dr. Peterson might be headed to jail for refusing to use "zer" and "thon" but lawyer Kyle Kirkup of the University of Ottawa, a specialist in LGBTQ Human Rights, tried to play down Bill C-16 as an insignificant tweak to existing laws, saying that the whole brouhaha over pronouns is just a tempest in a teapot. But Paikin managed to corner Kirkup into an admission:
Paikin: "If a trans person, or somebody whose gender identity was more, shall we say, complicated than the male-female that we've been talking about so far, and the pronoun used to describe that person were not traditional, would the person have a case before the Human Rights Commission?"
Kirkup: "I would say absolutely, as a general rule that you should be thinking about it in terms of employment settings, respecting a trans person's pronoun choice is really fundamental".
I can see all this could be a hive of new activity for our very own Australian Human Rights Commission.

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