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Trumpophobia Delusions & Brain Snaps

Babette Francis

Democrat voters in the U.S. are suffering meltdown delusions about Donald Trump's victory as President-elect, and this meltdown is not caused by global warming. In fact it is approaching winter in the U.S. so it is not heat-stroke either. They seem to imagine that Donald Trump's win was an outlier, caused by a sudden voting frenzy in the rural areas of the U.S. by white men of low IQ, with no college degrees and animated by racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, transgenderphobia and probably claustrophobia as well.

Some sobering statistics should un-delude them if they are even slightly capable of rational thought. Not only did Republicans win the White House and retain control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate (where they had to defend 24 seats) but they achieved big wins at the state level - not the least of which was winning the governorship of Vermont, a safe Democrat state, and winning the secretary of state in Oregon, which marks the first time in 14 years a Republican has won a statewide office there.

More sobering statistics: When President Barack Obama first came into office in 2009, Republicans held 22 governorships. After this year's election, they hold 33 with one election still pending. That is the highest number of Republican governorships since 1922. Republicans also now control 69 of 99 state legislatures. Since 2009, Democrats have lost over 900 state legislative seats.

But this is not the first time Democrats have exhibited electoral delusions. They believe in democracy until they lose an election, and then they go nuts. This happened 16 years ago when George W. Bush beat Al Gore. The Democrats reacted sportingly to their defeat by claiming Bush stole the election, thousands protested Bush's inauguration with signs saying "You are not our President". When Bush won the next election four years later, deluded Democrats went through the same rituals of protest again.

However the delusions are more extreme following the victory of Donald Trump. Many Democrats are seeking psychiatric help - and so they should because these apparently adult voters are regressing into childhood, or in extreme cases, infancy. Universities are providing "safe spaces" (presumably free from any news of Trump's win), "therapy dogs" (Kansas Uni) and colouring books and play-dough.

Then there were the organised riots (some of the rioters were paid functionaries) held in the "blue" states, that is Democrat voting states like New York. New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio claimed that "more disruption... will change the trajectory of things", even though all that happened was a change in the trajectory of New York City traffic causing a blockage. How was that a win for Mayor de Blasio and how will it stop Trump becoming President when Obama's term expires?

John Hopkins University recommended a healing circle, Stanford urged students to "take care of yourselves and to give support to those who need it". Vanderbilt encouraged students "to take advantage of the outstanding mental health support the university offers". (A good suggestion: they really need this...) At the University of Maryland, an astronomy test was cancelled to help students cope with "a personally threatening election result". A Yale economics professor made his test optional because students were "in shock" over losing an election. A dozen midterm exams were rescheduled at Columbia.

The meltdown has reached our shores. The Australian branch of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a multinational professional services network headquartered in London, is offering group therapy for those of its employees traumatised by Trump's win. It is not clear what they are offering employees who are happy with Trump's victory.

Back in the U.S. there were also calls to boycott three brands of toilet paper because they are allegedly made by the Koch Brothers, even though the Koch Brothers weren't supporting Trump. There are the ritual burnings of New Balance sneakers on YouTube and Instagram. (I don't know why. Probably the burnings were completely irrelevant).

There was also support for the secession of California from the United States of America - now that's a really great idea; then Trump would not have to build that section of his wall to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants... However, below there is another perspective on the Mexicans - enjoy!

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