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A Reprieve, Not a Victory

The election of Donald Trump as the 2017 - 2021 President of the USA is a reprieve, not a victory. For the next four years we will have some great opportunities to promote pro-life policies world-wide and any victories will be dependent on the hard work of pro-lifers, especially in the USA, in ensuring that President-Elect Donald Trump keeps his campaign promises on protecting babies in the womb.

Trump is a flawed human being, as we all are. (If anyone reading this think you are perfect, unflawed as it were, Endeavour Forum would like to hear from you!) But the alternative to Trump was more than flawed, a Hillary Clinton presidency would have continued the nightmare of the Obama regime, and would have been a horrible disaster for the pro-life movement. Hillary was the darling of Planned Parenthood which contributed $US38 million to her election campaign. She believes it is acceptable to abort a baby, presumably by sucking out its brains and crushing its skull, one day before its due date of birth. As Donald Trump said in the third presidential candidates debate: "That is simply not acceptable".

Then there was President Obama's unseemly "bathroom obsession" i.e. insisting that adult men who claimed to be transgendered females be allowed into women's and girls' shower rooms and toilet facilities. And what an obsession it was - he threatened states and schools to cut off funds if they would not comply with this edict - not even the compromise of providing a separate bathroom for the "transgendered" was acceptable.

Not content with being the "Bathroom Czar" of the USA, Obama used all the financial clout of his country to bully developing countries in Africa into legalizing homosexual "marriage", threatening to cut off aid to those who would not toe the line. Homosexual "rainbow" flags flew atop US embassies around the world, along with the Stars and Stripes, and Obama made several appointments of "married" homosexuals to diplomatic posts overseas.

Another area in which a Hillary Clinton presidency would have been a disaster would have been in the area of religious freedom. In emails leaked by WikiLeaks she makes clear her contempt for religious believers, Catholics and Evangelicals, and asserts they will just have to change their beliefs. There has been real persecution of Christians who do not want to compromise their religious principles by endorsing homosexual "marriage". County Clerk Kim Davis was jailed for refusing to sign certificates for homosexual "marriages" and bakers have been heavily fined and lost their businesses for declining to inscribe cakes promoting homosexual unions.

Trump's appointments of several pro-lifers to his Administration give us cause for optimism. He has appointed Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, as the US Ambassador to the UN. Governor Haley, daughter of Indian (Sikh) immigrants, is staunchly pro-life, and it will be great to have her input at the UN. It will make Endeavour Forum's NGO work at the UN far more pleasant. The USA is the major funder of the UN and with a rabidly pro-abortion US presence at the UN during the past eight years, pro-life NGOs were struggling to be heard. We hope the Trump Administration will move rapidly to defund the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA) which has been complicit in China's forced abortion policies, and will also defund International Planned Parenthood Federation, (IPPF) the international arm of Planned Parenthood, USA.

Donald Trump's victory has given the world a brief reprieve, do your best with it and give thanks to the Almighty.

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