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What the US Media didn't report..... but Mass Resistance did

Babette Francis

Mass Resistance is a pro-family activist organization based in Waltham, Massachusetts, that educates people to help them confront the attacks on the traditional family, children, religion. This is part of their report on the June "Gay Pride Month" in the USA. The full report includes videos which substantiate their report:

"This is what the media shows people from the 'gay pride' parade:

"Can so-called "progressivism" whitewash reality forever? For weeks we've all been informed about June being "Gay Pride month." Local, state, and national politicians from Barack Obama down have professed their "solidarity" with the LGBT movement. State legislatures have passed proclamations honoring it. Corporations, schools, colleges, and numerous government agencies have celebrated it. The Stonewall Inn in New York has been declared a national historic site. The mainstream media have produced glowing "family friendly" reports of the various "gay pride" parades. What's there not to like about "gay pride"? It seems like we were wrong about this all along. Or were we?

"Barack Obama can fly the rainbow flag at every federal office building and every US embassy in the world, and it won't change anything. The US Supreme Court can rule all it wants. The uncomfortable truth - which all legitimate medical and psychological authorities will tell you -- is that underneath the attractive veneer, LGBT behaviour is rooted in extremely destructive emotional and sexual dysfunction ... That's why virtually all the "gay pride" parades are like this - and why the media always refuses to report on it honestly. Almost all "gay" or "transgender" behaviors are symptoms of much deeper problems. We must see the danger of steering vulnerable children in this direction......

"The passionate, visceral hatred of traditional Christianity (and Judaism) by the 'gay' movement is a reaction to the fact that God's law (i.e., natural law) is so vastly opposed to their proclivities... A huge problem in the pro-family movement is the disturbing tendency to acquiesce with this charade. In the current climate of fear and intimidation, it's easy to refuse to say that homosexuality or 'transgenderism' is unnatural -- and instead fall back on peripheral arguments (e.g. 'marriage is rooted in long tradition') that do not directly confront the other side's core dogmas and practices. But that approach has never worked... The first step in winning the culture war is telling the truth. It's much easier said than done these difficult days. But we must do it!"

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