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Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel - Feminism is anti-family

Margo Szews of Milwaukee - Today's Paper, March 6, 2016, page 3J

Kudos for the Feb. 29 headline: "Lands' End learns a hard lesson." Gloria Steinem, recently honored by Lands' End, is a co-founder of Ms. Magazine, an author, a feminist organizer, a political activist and an abortion-rights supporter - clearly not a woman admired by the typical Lands' End patron. [NB: Lands' End is a clothing retailer. Ed]

An angry customer wrote, "What are you thinking to glorify a pro-abortion feminist when you are trying to sell clothing to families?" The truth is that when the feminist movement was born 45 years ago, the feminists were clear in their goal - to destroy the family - to destroy those folks who are Lands' End's faithful customers.

"Family must go, says women's lib," was the headline of a Milwaukee Sentinel article by Mary Beth Murphy, published on May 11, 1970. The article reported a conference, held in Milwaukee and sponsored by a coalition of women's liberation groups from Madison. Speaker Kathy McAfee stated that the nuclear family (husband and wife plus children) is "at the heart of male supremacy," and "[M]ale chauvinism is the basic cause of women's oppression."

In addition, conference attendee Mrs. Carl W. Thompson, wife of then state Sen. Carl Thompson, gave her approval to communal living arrangements without marriage, and predicted that "In 20 years there won't be the formal marriage as today."

Now, 45 years later, marriage rates are at an all-time low, divorce is rampant and stayat- home moms are hard to find. Sadly, the feminists' effort to destroy the family has been very successful, and it is appalling to think that Lands' End would give a second thought to honoring even one of those engaged in this despicable crusade.
Margo Szews
West Allis

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