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by Babette Francis

I am not sure there is such a word as the title of this article, but I can't think of a better one to describe the current leftist obsession that the biologically determined sex of a person is not an objective reality and that what they term "gender fluidity" is available to all, i.e. you can consider yourself a man this morning but be a woman tomorrow, and that your community and society has to accept whatever you think you are. And this does not apply only to adult men and women, even a three-year-old boy who likes to dress up in his big sister's skirts and high heels is to be taken seriously and put on a 'watch' list for future 'gender reassignment', maybe hormones and future surgery.

Gender theory activists strive to socially reconstruct roles based on transitory desires rather than on actual, biological sexual characteristics - this ideology also threatens children as it denies the real differences between men and women, particularly regarding fatherhood and motherhood. In his Christmas address to the Roman Curia in 2012 Pope Benedict XVI warned: "....It is now becoming clear that the very notion of being - of what being human really means - is being called into question". Pope Benedict quoted feminist Simone de Beauvoir " 'one is not born a woman, one becomes one'. These words lay the foundation for what is put forward today under term 'gender' as a new philosophy of sexuality. The profound falsehood of this [gender] theory and of the anthropological revolution contained within it is obvious. People dispute the idea that they have a nature, given by their bodily identity, which serves as a defining element of the human being. They deny their nature and decide that it is not something previously given to them, but that they make it for themselves. Based on this erroneous theory, advocates demand changes in the civil law and even Church teaching. They seek to change the definition of marriage and call for 'marriage equality,' which would treat natural marriages and same-sex unions as if they were the same; in fact, they can never be equal in reality".

Pope Francis was also clear in his message to gender theorists in his weekly general audience in St. Peter's Square on 16th April 2015: " .....We begin with a brief comment on the first account of Creation, in the Book of Genesis. Here we read that God, after having created the universe and all living beings, created his masterpiece, i.e. the human being, whom he made in his own image: "in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" (Gen. 1:27), says the Book of Genesis.

"And as we all know, the sexual difference is present in so many forms of life, in the long span of living things. However, only in man and in woman does it bear in itself the image and likeness of God: the biblical text repeats it a good three times in two verses (26-27): Man and woman are the image and likeness of God. This tells us that not only is man taken in himself the image of God, not only is woman taken in herself the image of God, but also man and woman, as a couple, are the image of God. The difference between man and woman is not for opposition, or for subordination, but for communion and procreation, always in the image and likeness of God.

"Experience teaches us: to know himself well and to grow harmoniously, the human being needs reciprocity between man and woman. When this does not happen, we see the consequences. We are made to listen to and help one another. We can say that without reciprocal enrichment in this relationship - in thought and in action, in affections and in work, also in faith - the two cannot understand in depth what it means to be man and woman.

"Modern and contemporary culture has opened new opportunities, new freedoms and new depths for the enrichment of the understanding of this difference. But it has also introduced many doubts and much skepticism. For instance, I wonder if the so-called gender theory is not also an expression of a frustration and resignation, which aims to eliminate the sexual difference because it no longer knows how to face it. Yes, we risk taking a step backward. The removal of the difference, in fact, is the problem, not the solution.

"To resolve their relationship problems, man and woman need instead to talk more to one another, listen more to one another, know one another more, love one another more. They need to treat one another with respect and cooperate in friendship. With these human foundations, sustained by the grace of God, it is possible to plan a marital and family union for the whole of life. The marital and family bond is something serious; it is for everyone, not just for believers. I would like to urge intellectuals not to abandon this topic, as though it had become secondary to commitment in favor of a freer and more just society.

"God has entrusted the earth to the covenant of man and woman: its failure makes the world of emotion arid and darkens the sky of hope.....

.....Hence the great responsibility of the Church, of all believers, and first of all, of believing families, to rediscover the beauty of the creative design that inscribes the image of God also in the covenant between man and woman. The earth is filled with harmony and trust when the covenant between man and woman is lived well. And if man and woman seek it together between themselves and with God, without a doubt they will find it. Jesus encourages us explicitly to bear witness to this beauty which is the image of God."

Girl Scouts of America
One organisation not heeding the words of Pope Benedict or Pope Francis is the Girl Scouts who are stirring controversy with their "progressive" approach to sexuality, this time by starting a brand new troop aimed at gay and lesbian families and boys who consider themselves "transgender" - in other words, boys who believe they are girls trapped in biologically male bodies.

"As long as a youth identifies as a girl or with girls, even if they are genderfluid on the day that they registered, then they can become a Girl Scout," said Shari Solomon-Klebba, the Utah Girl Scout outreach coordinator responsible for Salt Lake City's first sexuality-based troop, in an interview with KUTV.

The troop had its first meeting in April 2015 at the homosexual "Utah Pride Center" in socially conservative Salt Lake City - home of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (more frequently referred to as Mormonism), which has repeatedly clashed with gay activists over its traditional teachings on marriage and sexuality.

KUTV reported that five children attended the meeting, all biological girls ranging from age 6 to 11. They met in a "game room" at the Pride Center, where a box of condoms sat on the table and a nearby sign read: "Some boys have vaginas." (Pride Center director Sheila Raboy later told KUTV that leaving those items visible to the children was an "oversight." She said they would be hidden away during future meetings.)

Solomon-Klebba, an open lesbian who is raising a young daughter with her partner, Cindy - whom she "married" in Utah in December - said she started the troop to help kids like her daughter avoid the emotional discomfort that being around traditional families can often cause them.

Utah Pride Center director Sheila Raboy agreed. By joining a troop where non-traditional sexualities are the focus, she told the Associated Press, "these girls will be able to enjoy the Girl Scouts the way girls who are from regular, heterosexual families are able to enjoy it."

Although no biological boys attended the troop's first meeting, Raboy told the AP she expects some to join soon. Currently, the troop is open to any child in Kindergarten through 12th grade who "identifies" as a girl, regardless of biological sex.

Not a Joke
This is not an April Fool's joke. An abortion clinic in Brooklyn is now offering simulated abortions for homosexual men who feel left out because they don't get to murder innocent babies. It began after a homosexual tech millionaire contributed to the Williamsburg Women's Center in Brooklyn and the clinic set them up with a fake abortion to show their appreciation. After that they began getting requests from other gay couples. They have now made it a profitable business giving homosexual men a spa like experience and labeling it as a simulated abortion.

Dr. Kristel Caulfield, an abortionist from the clinic said: "Women's reproductive rights are a much more abstract matter for gay men. So it's really heartwarming to see them show in such a powerful way how much they still care about the issue."

Eric Lefkowitz, 30, who had the procedure says that it made him grow closer to his husband: "Brayden is so, so special to me, and we both agree that having the right to choose is incredibly important. We shouldn't lose the ability to affirm that choice simply because we're gay."

"I know this absolutely can't compare with what real women have to go through. But I like to imagine that I understand their experience a little better. And of course, it's awesome to know that Eric is willing to stand by me through such a difficult decision."

For extra money, the man can go through initial examinations and a consultation with a doctor as to his options along with an ultrasound to determine how far along in his pregnancy he is.

Reading about this, one conservative writer commented: "The war is over. The loonies have won."

As for me, I think the earth is rotating through a cloud of Stupid Gas, but hopefully with some hard work and a blessing from the Almighty we will come out eventually into the light of reason.

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