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The Torture of Unborn Babies in Abortion

Lord Christopher Monckton
edited extract from WorldNetDaily (WND) 13/10/14

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - Some 4,000 citizens of Australia's second city marched to the steps of the Victoria Parliament House on October ll, 2014, to demand the repeal of the inhuman abortion law enacted by the Australian Labor Party and the Greens in 2008. This unspeakable law permits abortion right up until birth.

A couple of dozen disconsolate supporters of baby-butchering were kept at bay by an impressive police cordon. They [supporters of baby-klling] shrieked obscenities and waved malicious slogans. One of these, crudely lettered on a large piece of white card, said this: "The only good baby is a dead baby." There speaks the voice of pure evil.

No doubt there are many misguided "useful idiots," as Lenin used to call them, who still believe that the abortion issue is one of choice for allegedly disadvantaged women. However, the truth is that the campaign to kill babies has long been part of the Communist program to delegitimise, demoralise and depopulate the West.

There was once a time when no civilised person would have dreamed of killing a baby. The Hippocratic Oath expressly forbade doctors to perform abortions. To remove all doubt, the laws of many nations – such as the Infant Life Preservation Act 1929 in Britain - also forbade baby-butchering. However, the hard left has prevailed. The dismal regime of hatred personified that killed 100 million in the 20th century bids fair to do the same - this time by abortion - in the 21st.

In my address to the March for Babies, I asked the obvious question: What do they not understand about the words, "Thou Shalt Not Kill"? I also asked how many supporters of the governing Liberal/National (i.e. wet conservative) Coalition were in the cheerful crowd of pro-lifers. There were only a few. How many from the Labor/Green coalition of totalitarian hate? Not a single one, inevitably.

Major party representation at the March for the Babies was from the Australian Christians, the Democratic Labor Party (nearly all of them Catholics), and the Rise Up Australia Party (evangelical Protestants). No further proof need be provided of the proposition that Christianity is a moral good. It is the Christians, and just about only the Christians, who will stand up against the autogenocide of our race by abortion.

The figures are terrifying. The Western birth rate is now 1.4 children per household. Replacement is 2.1. The Muslim birth-rate is 4.1. Within two more generations, the white race will have slaughtered enough of its own children to bring it close to extinction.

However, I have a plan. For one of the many outrageous dishonesties in the Communists' program of hate is their pretence, enacted in abortion laws throughout the West, that a baby is not really a human being at all, but just a "fetus" or even a "blob".

"This rebranding of babies in the womb as unpersons is advanced using precisely the same language as that which the Nazis used - at the Wannsee "final solution" conference, for instance - to justify the Holocaust to themselves. The Jews did not feel pain or suffering because they were not human: They were a race inferior to the human race. Thus went the cackling Nazi argument.

For this reason, the hard left has taken very great care to ensure that almost everywhere the laws permitting babybutchering do not even require that the child be given an anesthetic before he or she is torn limb from limb or pierced through the heart or dragged out alive and left in the bedpan room to die (all of these unspeakable techniques are permitted - nay, encouraged - in the dismal State of Victoria).

However, what the "Kill them, kill them all" brigade have failed to realise is that the United Nations - which was, after all, founded to try to prevent the recurrence of atrocities such as the Holocaust - has enacted an international convention on torture.

Australia is a signatory to that convention, which prohibits the discriminatory infliction of pain or suffering on any person with the consent or acquiescence of public officials. Under the convention, not only the abortionist profiteers but also the legislators who enact laws that permit babybutchering without anesthetic are liable to be prosecuted as conspirators to commit the grave crime of torture.

The offense is one not merely of strict but of absolute liability. No Crown, Parliamentary or other immunities may be pleaded nor may the accused plead that the prosecution cannot prove intent. If torture has occurred, and the public official in question connived at it, that public official is guilty as charged.

The Australian Parliament in Canberra passed an Act prohibiting torture in 2010, two years after Victoria's babybutchering law was passed. The Rise Up Australia Party, is about to write to all candidates in the Victorian state parliamentary elections asking them to give an undertaking that as their first order of business they will enact a Bill obliging abortionists to give every child marked for death an anesthetic first.

After the elections, the party will write to the successful candidates again, giving them two weeks to come forward with their proposals for ending the torture of babies (who can feel pain and suffering from 17 weeks' gestation onward).

The replies will be unsatisfactory. All legislators who have not replied that they will do their utmost to pass a bill to end the torture of the innocents before they are massacred will be reported to the police as conspirators to commit torture. When the police refuse to do anything, their names will be taken (for they are public officials, too), and the party will go before the magistrates to launch a private prosecution. (In free countries such as England or Australia, but not in the United States, the citizen may bring a prosecution if the state fails to do its job.) Now, the rule in the magistrates' court is that if there is, on the face of it, a case against the accused, the magistrates must allow the prosecution to proceed. Expect to see the entire legislature of Victoria in the dock, alongside various police officers, by Christmas.

And do not think for a moment that those of us who campaign for the life of the little ones will sit back once the law requiring an anaesthetic is passed. For once that law is on the statute book, the abortionists will be forced - on pain of 20 years imprisonment - to inject the thigh of every unborn child over 17 weeks' gestation with an anaesthetic, and will be reminded every time he does so that he is about to take the life of a sentient fellow human being.

And that will be no small incentive to bring the childkilling profiteers and the legislators who indulge them to their senses. Perhaps, just perhaps, it will not be long before we forbid the killing of our own kind. In any event, we shall forbid the torturing of the little ones before they are killed.

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