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"DANGEROUS RELATIONS - the threat of homosexuality" by Bill Muehlenberg. Published by Culture Watch, available from Amazon, paperback and Kindle versions, and also from Koorong book stores, Freedom Publishing and Fidelity Books for $20 plus postage. Reviewed by Mrs. Jenny Stokes, Research Director, Salt Shakers.

Almost every week there is another case of Christians being taken to a tribunal, charged with discriminating against homosexuals. Bill Muehlenberg has monitored the activities of homosexual activists for more than twenty years, and his latest book, "Dangerous Relations", provides a compelling overview of the gains they have made, both in Australia and around the world.

It is a sequel to Bill's book, "Strained Relations", which dealt with the many myths put out by homosexual activists, such as "It's all genetic" and "Ten percent of the population is homosexual". Bill writes that his new book "acts as a supplement to what was presented there, and includes new information and material to further round out my case."

The foreword has been written by Janet Folger Porter, the founder of Faith2Action, a US network of activist profamily groups. Originally a pro-life activist, Janet became concerned about the homosexual issue when she saw it could be used to 'criminalise' Christians who didn't conform.

Janet begins the foreword, "In 2005, I wrote a book titled The Criminalisation of Christianity. In it I predicted the homosexual issue would be used to label, punish, silence, and criminalize people of faith." Janet adds, "But my book was merely an introduction to what Bill Muehlenberg has discovered and documented since then in his compelling book, Dangerous Relations".

Bill begins by providing an overview of the war against freedom, faith and family - documenting many instances of Christians being taken to tribunals or courts and charged with discrimination. Bill has selected 165 examples, from January 2011 to October 2013. As Bill says, this is the "tip of the iceberg". They serve as a warning to take notice of what is happening and to take action against similar injustices.

The homosexual lobby has made gains that no other group has done. Why should society expect a Christian baker to make a cake for a homosexual 'wedding'? We wouldn't expect a homosexual print-shop owner to have to print a sign that says 'Homosexuality is a sin'. But the baker gets taken to court, accused of discrimination.

In the second chapter, Bill looks at how families, parenthood and identity suffer. As homosexual rights are expanded, many things change. Birth certificates are altered to use 'Parent A and Parent B' instead of 'Mother and Father'. With the promotion of transsexuality, and fluid 'gender', birth certificates are altered from 'male' to 'female'. Truth is diminished.

Bill then explores the 'slippery slope', beginning this chapter by writing, "Granting special rights to homosexuals seems to be a never-ending affair: as soon as some are granted, more are demanded… The big push in much of the West is for homosexual 'marriage'. But we know that this push will most certainly not stop there - it will open the door to all sorts of other sexualities to be legalised and normalised, and all sorts of other 'marriage' rights. The truth is, a Pandora's Box has been opened here, and a real slippery slope is now in play."

Bill carefully documents calls for the recognition of polyamory (including calls for multiple partner marriage), paedophilia (and the call to lower the age of consent), incest and bestiality. When Senator Cory Bernardi noted that, if homosexuals were allowed to 'marry', it would encourage those advocating polygamy or bestiality to also campaign for 'rights', he was shouted down - but Bill clearly documents numerous examples where advocates of these practices are campaigning for recognition.

The final two chapters look at the historical context of the family and the importance of a child having both a mother and a father. Of course, homosexual activists are campaigning in these areas as well, claiming that same-sex parenting is equally valid. However the research shows that children do best when raised in a family made up of their married, biological parents.

Bill has provided a valuable service in writing this book. However, it is no good sitting on Bill's shelf. It needs to be read and referred to. Buy a copy - read it - share it with others. As Janet Folger says in the foreword: "So what do we do about it? Read (beginning with this book). Speak. Act. Unite."

Why do we need to be aware of the agenda of the homosexual activists? I'll let Janet have the final word: "You see the homosexual lobby demands far more than tolerance. It now demands that we agree, teach, celebrate and subsidise its dangerous lie. Compliance to that lie is now being enforced in schools, businesses, the church, the military, and the public square by our governments, courts, and international community."

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