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Some Good News

The United Nations put a damper on "gay pride" festivities in July when it re-affirmed that the natural family is the fundamental unit of society. The UN's Human Rights Council in Geneva adopted a resolution on "Protection of the Family" with a traditional definition of the family even as revelers readied themselves to celebrate gay pride weekend.

It recognizes the importance of the family for society and individuals, and that countries must strengthen and protect the family. The resolution not only echoes language from the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights about the family as the "natural and fundamental unit of society", it also states that the family is the "natural environment" for the education and development of children.

In Finland on June 25 the Finnish Parliament's Legal Affairs Committee voted 10-6 to reject a "gay marriage" bill. The vote followed lobbying by religious coalition members and the distribution of MassResistance materials to all members of Parliament. In addition, the MassResistance video "What 'gay marriage' did to Massachusetts" was broadcast on national TV in May. Finland isn't as easy to conquer as the homosexual movement expected! (MassResistance is a pro-marriage organisation based in Massachusetts, USA)

And in France, the government has cancelled school lessons that aimed to fight gender stereotypes because many parents had taken their children out of school in protest at the lessons. The ABCD of Equality program was launched last September and trialed at 275 schools. The government said the lessons were to promote equality and deconstruct prejudice. Education minister Benoit Haman told France Inter radio: "We want to prevent anyone from forming the conviction at school that there would be - jobs and training and diplomas for girls, and jobs and training and diplomas for boys."

The program was opposed by an alliance including the far-right National Front - who came first in the country's European elections last month - alongside the Catholic Church and Muslim religious leaders. Opponents said the lessons were teaching children that there were no differences between boys and girls and that this was dangerous. The government has denied teaching gender theory or that there are no innate differences between boys and girls.

Parents organised school boycotts by text message and up to 40% of pupils were missing in some schools on boycott days. France's Minister of Women's Rights, Najat Vallaud- Belkacem, told France 3 television that the scheme's replacement would be an "improved" version of the original and would apply to all schools. Teaching unions have said that fears over the scheme are unfounded but that the hostile reaction to the program has put teachers in a difficult position.

Across the pond the US House of Representatives is introducing a Bill, H.R. 5013, which would re-institute the "Mexico City Policy" that prohibits US taxpayer dollars from going to NGOs which "promote or perform abortions" in other countries as a part of population control activities. The Mexico City Policy was first put in place in 1986 under President Reagan, is supported by a majority of Americans and subsequent Republican Presidents, but has been rescinded by Democrat Presidents.

There has been the usual hysterical reaction by feminists and the abortion industry (see "Hysteria", page 2) at any suggestion of re-imposing the Mexico City Policy, but as Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute points out, "There are multiple problems with the Obama administration's policy of promoting and performing abortions everywhere in the developing world.... Such efforts not only violate local laws, they undermine our foreign relations. It creates a very bad impression when the United States, in conjunction with the major colonial powers, tells countries only recently freed from colonial domination that they should abort a good percentage of the next generation. Pushing abortion on underdeveloped nations through 'population planning' programs only serves to remind their citizens of their not-so-distant past as conquered peoples. Reinstituting the Mexico City Policy would not stop all of this abuse and corruption, but it would be a start. It would protect women from the worst excesses of population control efforts and help to salvage our country's image around the world".

Here in Victoria the intrepid Bernie Finn, MLC, is convening the 7th annual March for the Babies. He may have been battered and bruised by the abortion brigade's assaults at last year's March, but he is marching again to save the lives of babies in the womb, so please join him on Saturday, 11th October 2014.

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