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An Open Letter to Senator Louise Pratt, Senator for Western Australia

Richard Grant

Dear Senator Pratt,

Well may you say that the vast majority of ALP members would have preferred you to head the ALP ticket in the recent re-run of the WA senate elections! That is certainly not the case with unborn children who are rejoicing that you have failed to regain your seat in Parliament.

Indeed your pro-abortion stance makes you in my opinion unfit to hold public office. The first duty of government is to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Sadly, you are in support of the death penalty for any tiny human being in the womb who is unwanted by their mothers and you also want all Australian taxpayers to help pay for the killing of these children. You are not concerned whether the babies who are being violently murdered by abortion are male or female, all are to be sacrificed under the specious grounds of "choice".

With your mentality, you must indeed consider yourself very fortunate that as an unborn child you were wanted by your own mother.

You accuse your ALP colleague of being "anti-choice" and "anti-marriage equality". You do not have the intestinal fortitude to use plain language but instead resort to using ridiculous and meaningless euphemisms such as these to hide the real nature of the aberrations you support.

Being "anti-choice" (your terminology) really means that a person is anti the once unspeakable crime of mercilessly tearing apart a defenceless living human being in his or her mother's womb (see the enclosed pamphlet which shows the brutal and inhumane nature of abortion).

Being "anti-marriage equality" (your terminology) really means that a person is anti the subversion of the true and time honoured meaning of marriage through acceptance of the preposterous notion that the barren act of sodomy between two men should be regarded as a normal part of marriage.

You complain that factions in the ALP have exercised their choice to place a "pro-life" and "pro- natural marriage" candidate in the No 1 position on the WA Senate ticket. Apparently it is perfectly alright, however, for you and your Emily's List colleagues to lobby factions to try to ensure that only pro-abortion female candidates gain pre-selection for vacant Parliamentary seats.

It is my earnest hope that you reconsider your position on these matters and stand up for what is truly just and natural in our society.

Yours sincerely

Richard Grant, 18 April 2014
PO Box 4075 Patterson VIC 3204
Ph: 0425 762 643

CC: Joe Bullock, Senator Elect for WA Tony Sheldon, National Secretary TWU

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