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Contortions of the Diversity Industry

Babette Francis

"Diversity" is the buzz word in contemporary social policy in Australia: we must not only be tolerant of different races, ethnic groups, and sexual orientations including the LGBTQIXYZ variants, but we should aim to have them all proportionately represented in our public and political life, and in commercial, educational and cultural spheres.

However the inherent contortion is that while promoting diversity, the social engineers are also very energetic in trying to blur the most fascinating diversity of all, and indeed one on which the continuation of the human race depends, and that is the diversity between male and female. The promotion of a unisex or androgynous society in which there is no ultimate difference between male and female but everyone belongs on a spectrum from male to female, and indeed where one belongs can depend on how one feels at any particular time regardless of biology, is the ultimate goal of the feminist/diversity industry.

Dissident feminist Camille Paglia comments: "Women’s studies programs were rushed into existence in the 1970s partly because of national pressure to add more women to faculties that were often embarrassingly all-male. Administrators diverting funds to these new programs were less concerned with maintaining scholarly rigor than with solving a prickly public relations problem. Hence women’s studies was from the start flash-frozen at that early stage of ideology. . . . No deviation was permitted from the party line, which was that all gender differences are due to patriarchy, with its monolithic enslavement and abuse of women by men. . . .

"Male academics, sensing which way the wind was blowing, were reluctant to challenge the new power structure and shrank back out of fear of being labeled sexist and retrograde. History will not be kind to their timidity and cowardice....

"Our present system of primary and secondary education should be stringently reviewed for its confinement of boys to a prison-like setting that curtails their energy and requires ideological renunciation of male traits. By the time young middle-class men emerge from college these days, they have been smoothed and ground down to obedient clones. The elite universities have become police states where an army of deans, sub-deans and faculty committees monitor and sanction male undergraduate speech and behavior if it violates the establishment feminist code.... Campus gender theorists can merrily wave their anti-male flag, when every man within ten miles has fled underground.

"Extravaganzas of gender experimentation sometimes precede cultural collapse, as they certainly did in Weimar Germany. Like late Rome, America too is an empire distracted by games and leisure pursuits. Now as then, there are forces aligning outside the borders, scattered fanatical hordes where the cult of heroic masculinity still has tremendous force. I close with this question: is a nation whose elite education is increasingly predicated on the neutralization of gender prepared to defend itself against that growing challenge?"

Then there is the cult of transgenderism - no longer are little Johnny and Betty allowed to play with trucks and dolls: a petition was launched in November in Melbourne against Toys R Us for dividing their toys into boys and girls sections, with the sections coded blue and pink. How evil ....

However, it is considered admirable when some parents decline to tell their toddler - or anyone else - whether it is a boy or a girl and bring it up to "choose". And some muddle-headed parents take little Johnny who likes to wear pink dresses and have long hair to a transgender clinic instead of to a pediatric psychiatrist. There are children as young as six having treatment in an attempt to have their biological sex changed and puberty delayed prior to sex reassignment surgery. The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) admits that “identity problems may continue after this treatment.” Hardly surprising, because rather than conform “gender identity” to biological reality, it is the child's biology that is being forced to conform to an agenda.

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