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The Forgotten Victims of "Gay Marriage"

Linda Harvey (Abridged from Mission America, April 2013)

When I was eight years old, my Christmas list held one item: a bride doll. Oh, how overjoyed I was when "Santa" left under our tree that beautiful, white-veiled icon of future girl dreams. And my simple dreams included a wedding, a bride with her groom. What will eight-year-old girls be allowed to wish for in the coming new era of "gay" marriage?

Because if "equality" advocates have their dreams fulfilled, all American children will march to a new tune. Is the U.S. Supreme Court hearing about this? The radicals dream of connecting the dots now only marking partially-conquered territory. Like California, where by law, no schoolchildren hear any critique of homosexual or "transgender" behaviour, or Massachusetts, where the Department of Education has decreed that gender confused children must have access to opposite sex restrooms and locker rooms.

In the realm of silencing opponents, this isn't nearly enough. The militants' vision is that, in every schoolroom, in the Boy Scouts, on TV and from Hollywood, all voices in the American public square unite in the same song to little children: when you grow up, you may date and marry someone of the same sex or the opposite sex, or you may change your own sex, and this is good and progressive. All other views are "hate."

It's immensely frustrating to read the transcripts of the Supreme Court oral arguments on the two marriage cases and realize how tepidly man/woman marriage is defended and the consequences of same sex marriage unexplored.

Our side studiously avoids the core issue: same sex marriage is wrong because homosexual behavior is wrong.

In the Hollingsworth v. Perry case, Attorney Cooper did say, "Redefining marriage will have real-world consequences," and Justice Kennedy mentioned "uncharted waters," or possibly, "a cliff." Indeed! And no one who has thoroughly assessed the issue believes that homosexuality is inborn, a fixed status, as Attorney Olson claims.

This is an enormously important point! If homosexuality is not inborn, the highest court in the land might want to seek input from the largest group of potential victims-all the children of America......

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