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Five recent book releases

Patriots: The Untold Story of Ireland's Pro-Life Movement, by Jonathon Van Maren (Toronto, Canada: Life Cycle Books, 2020). Paperback: 280 pages. ISBN: 978-0919225602. RRP: $US19.95

This is the real story of the thousands of people who put boots on the ground to fight tooth and nail for the life of every pre-born baby in Ireland. It tells of the men and women who fought with their ancestors at their backs and their children in their hearts, fired by the rock-solid conviction that Ireland's babies were worth fighting for.

It is the story of the men and women who achieved something unprecedented in the Western world — constitutional protections for children in the womb — and fought for decades to maintain them as nation after nation fell to the abortion industry. For 35 years, Ireland's 8th amendment protected both mother and child from abortion. Hundreds of thousands of lives were saved. Irish maternal healthcare was also among the best in the world.

On May 25, 2018, however, that legal protection for preborn babies was stripped away after a deeply divisive campaign which saw the media relentlessly spin the removal of the 8th amendment as being necessary to protect women's lives. It is a story that has gone untold — until now.

Bullies of Woke and Their Assault on Mental Health,by Diane Weber Bederman (Nashville, TN: New English Review Press, 2022). Paperback: 230 pages. ISBN: 978-1943003648. RRP: $US20.00

A widely-published Canadian author and speaker, Diane Weber Bederman, has produced this groundbreaking work document-ing the serious harm the "Progressive Left" is doing to the mental health of our innocent children who are subject to the unrelenting pressure to conform to woke ideology as never before.

A mother of three and grandmother of nine, Mrs Bederman is unsparing in her critique of the absurd ideas emanating from the "woke" brigade, e.g., anti-Western cognitive warfare, critical race theory (CRT), and sexual orientation and transgender ideology. Our children are being bullied and marginalised by this ideological juggernaut.

Her book is simultaneously a guidebook to the modern woke movement and a call to action for the common-sense, silent majority to rise up in opposition and restore our Judeo-Christian bedrock values in our homes, our schools and our nations.

Green Murder: A Life Sentence of Net Zero with No Parole, by Ian Plimer (Brisbane, Connor Court, 2021). Paperback, 600 pages. ISBN: 978-1922449825. RRP: $AUD44.00

Australia once had reliable cheap electricity, but now that governments have gone green, we are heading for hard economic times, according to Australian geologist Dr Ian Plimer.

It has never been shown that human emissions of the gas of life drive global warming. A huge subsidised industry of intermittent unreliable wind and solar electricity has been created based on unsubstantiated science. The same hucksters now want subsidised hydrogen, costly inefficient electric vehicles (EVs), subsidised mega-batteries and other horribly expensive tried and failed schemes to impoverish people, create unemployment, transfer wealth and enrich China.

In this book Dr Plimer charges the greens with murder. They murder humans who are kept in eternal poverty without coal-fired electricity. They murder economies, thereby causing unemployment, hopelessness, collapse of communities, disrupted social cohesion and suicide. They murder free speech. They terrify children into mental illness with their apocalyptic death cult lies and exaggerations. They are hypocrites and such angry ignorant people should never touch other people's money.

Superabundance: The Story of Population Growth, Innovation and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet, by Marian L. Tupy and Gale L. Pooley. Foreword by George Gilder. (San Francisco: Cato Institute, 2022). Hardcover: 580 pages. ISBN: 978-1952223396. RRP: $US45.00

This controversial and counterintuitive new book examines why population growth and freedom to innovate make Earth's resources more, not less, abundant.

Generations of people have been taught that population growth makes resources scarcer. Authors Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley analysed the prices of hundreds of commodities, goods and services spanning two centuries. To their surprise, they found that resource abundance increased faster than the population ― a relationship that they call "superabundance". On average, every additional human being creates more value than he or she consumes.

This relationship between population growth and abundance is deeply counterintuitive, yet it is true. Why? More people produce more ideas, which lead to more inventions. People then test those inventions in the marketplace to separate the useful from the useless. At the end of that process of discovery, people are left with innovations that overcome shortages, spur economic growth and raise standards of living.

But large populations are not enough to sustain superabundance ― just think of the poverty in China and India before their respective economic reforms. To innovate, people must be allowed to think, speak, publish, associate and disagree. They must be allowed to save, invest, trade and profit. In a word, they must be free.

Time to Think: The Inside Story of the Collapse of the Tavistock's Gender Service for Children, by Hannah Barnes (London: Swift Press, 2023). Hardcover: 464 pages. ISBN: 978-1800751118. RRP: £20.00

The Gender Identity Development Service, based in Tavistock, North London, was set up initially to provide, for the most part, talking therapies to young people who were questioning their gender identity. But in the last decade it has referred more than a thousand children, some as young as nine years old, for medication to block their puberty.

In the same period, the number of young people seeking the Tavistock gender clinic's help exploded, increasing 25-fold. The profile of the patients changed too: from largely pre-pubescent boys to mostly adolescent girls. Were all these distressed young people best served by taking puberty-blockers and then crosssex hormones, which cause irreversible changes to the body?

This urgent, scrupulous and dramatic book by award-winning BBC investigative reporter Hannah Barnes, explains how the Tavistock clinic has been the site of a serious medical scandal, in which ideological concerns took priority over clinical practice.

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