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The Pill, pollution and cancer

Karen Malec

Karen Malec, President of the Coaliton on Abortion/Breast Cancer urges colleagues to write to the Associated Press in response to a story by Rachel Zoll. Although Karen’s letter is addressed to US citizens on whom President Obama has imposed a mandate for the “free” provision of contraception, the information Karen provides is relevant to Australians as the contraceptive pill is widely used in this country - Editor

Dear Friend: We encourage you to e-mail the Associated Press about its story on November 13, 2012 entitled, “Cardinal Dolan: U.S. bishops won’t comply with Obama rule on birth control coverage in insurance,” by Rachel Zoll. (1) You can use the information we provide in this article.

Your message to the AP is that the ObamaCare mandate which makes hormonal contraceptive steroids available to women for free - provides a financial boon to environmental polluters, Planned Parenthood and Big Pharma, poses an environmental threat to the general public, and puts women at risk for cancers of the breast, liver and cervix.

As you know, the Obama administration plans to make hormonal steroids contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs - more prevalent by imposing a mandate from the Department of Health and Human Services requiring employers (regardless of their religious beliefs) to purchase insurance that would provide these drugs for “free” to women.

Unfortunately, Rachel Zoll did not question the administration’s propaganda which claims the mandate is a “preventative service” intended to “protect women’s health.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are two issues to be considered environmental pollution from estrogen in the birth control pill, for which there is considerable scientific evidence, and the World Health Organization’s recognition that use of combined oral contraceptives (the birth control pill containing estrogen and progestin) are Group 1 carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) and raise the risk for cancers of the breast, liver and cervix. (2,3) The pill is also strongly associated with an aggressive, deadly form of breast cancer - triple-negative breast cancer. (4,5)

Planned Parenthood and Big Pharma are polluting the environment with carcinogenic estrogenic steroid drugs. In his 2009 paper for the journal Ethics and Medics, Professor Joel Brind (Baruch College, City University of New York) wrote:

“Currently a substantial fraction of the worldwide human population excretes substantial quantities of synthetic, carcinogenic, and largely non-biodegradable female sex steroid drugs into the environment on a daily basis.” (4)

Dr. Brind was referring to what he described as “the most common form of estrogenic steroid drug found in oral contraceptives - 17-alpha ethinyl estradiol (EE2),” whose potency is measured in parts per trillion. He added:

“Putting together the exquisite potency, heavy worldwide use, carcinogenicity, and resistance to biodegradation of contraceptive steroids, one begins to see the clear outlines of a ‘perfect storm’ that is gathering:

“EE2 has been recognized for over a decade as showing up in wastewater, streams, and groundwater downstream of major metropolitan areas worldwide. There is a large body of peer-reviewed literature documenting this contamination, along with documentation of the disruption of reproductive function and the feminization in fish and other wildlife. In parallel, the professional literature reveals a worldwide effort to find ways to remove EE2 and other estrogenic contaminants from wastewater. Chemically, the artificial inactivation of EE2 is a simple matter - that is to say, the same sorts of techniques used to purify drinking water, such as ultraviolet light treatment and ozonation, will do the trick - but to treat sewage that way is grossly impractical.”

Dr. Brind also argued that “contraceptive steroids are likely culprits” in the documented increase of infertility in men. Politicians and journalists alike have an ethical obligation to pursue what is best for the common good, rather than allowing their ideological views to trump science and cause them to compromise their professional judgment.

You can read our sample letter to the Associated Press by scrolling down to our Abortion-Breast Cancer News Headlines:

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