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Formal Complaint by the Coalition to end Violence Against Pregnant Women

To the United Nations Commisson on the Status of Women, c/o CSW Communication Procedure, Human Rights Section, U.N. Women, 17th Floor, 220 East 42nd St. New York City, N.Y. 10017 USA, by email to

1. The following non-governmental organizations wish to make a formal complaint against The People’s Republic of China, including without limitation its National Population and Family Planning Commission, for violating Women’s Human Rights, Freedom, and Liberty, and women’s right to choose to bring a child to birth: The COALITION TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST PREGNANT WOMEN currently consists of :
All Girls Allowed
Women for Life International, Inc.
Canada Silent No More
Endeavor Forum, Inc. with United Nations Consultative Observer Status
Jubilee Campaign with United Nations Consultative Observer Status

2. There are numerous reports of pregnant women being tortured and forced into ‘family planning clinics’ to have their children forcibly killed by means of dismemberment, decapitation, poisoning or vacuuming the child out of their wombs unwillingly.

3. China is known to have a rigid propaganda campaign including stiff financial penalties and other material consequences as punishment for giving birth to a child without a birth permit. These cruel practices, policies, and patterns are degrading and inhumane to women and children and families, cause great harm and injustice, and constitute crimes against humanity

4. It is also widely reported that women are forcibly removed from their homes and forced/coerced into having abortions and government forced sterilizations. All of these violations occurred in, and are occurring today in the People’s Republic of China.

5. We condemn China’s One Child Policy that has led to forced abortions, forced sterilizations and confiscatory fines and penalties for violation of this policy as a violation of human rights and discrimination against women, and demand women have the freedom of reproductive choice to let their children live, without persecution or government penalties, job loss or other repercussions.

6. The names of some of the women victims, the dates and circumstances of the violations follows in a 16 page document.

China: Newborn Girl Found in Trash With Throat Cut, Fights for Life by Steven Ertelt | Liaoning, China |

Another ghastly story out of China, where women and children continued to be victimized daily by the one-child policy that nation employs which encourages abortions and infanticides.

In this story, an abandoned newborn baby girl is struggling for her life after a local man found her in a trash bin after having her throat cut. The baby girl, who still had her placenta and umbilical cord attached, is now receiving hospital treatment, according to a report in the London Daily Mail newspaper.

The baby remains in the hospital in critical condition. A resident who witnessed the girl being taken to hospital said: ‘She was still breathing and had a heartbeat. Blood from the wound stained the whole body.’ Doctors worked to close a two-inch wound across her neck, so deep that it went down to her windpipe. A doctor at the hospital said that had the cut been any deeper at all ‘she would have died instantly’.

This story comes on the heels of an uplifting report in the same newspaper about a Chinese woman who has become a local hero thanks in part to her work saving babies she found abandoned on the streets of Jinhua in eastern Zhejiang province where she lives. Lou Xiaoying is an 88-year-old woman who made a living recycling rubbish.She found and raised more than 30 abandoned infants and children - some of them who were left in the trash. She and her husband, who passed away 17 years ago, kept four of the children to raise and placed the others with loving families. << Back to newsletter