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Babette Francis - Herald Sun June 2, 2010

Susie O'Brien resorts to invective in describing pro-family organisations including Endeavour Forum as a militant mafia, ("Maternal Pay is not for all", 2/6/10) but she compounds the fiction that the government's paid parental leave is a work entitlement rather than a taxpayer-funded benefit similar to the baby bonus.
The government has been seduced by feminists to make PPL look like a "work entitlement", but it is not. The payment does not come from the profits of employers although it is paid by them, but comes via a complicated process - which adds substantially to its administrative costs - from the government via taxpayers, including the hapless husbands of full-time mothers.
Susie O'Brien should pay attention to news items in the Herald Sun which reported yesterday on studies showing that the children of "working" mothers suffer more from obesity than the children of stay-at-home mothers ("Obesity - mum's the word": 1/6/10) . Should we refer to "working" mothers as the "fat mafia"?



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