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Ironically, the female Liberal MPs now protesting limitations on IVF funding proposed by Health Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Peter Costello, also oppose attempts by Abbott and Senator Boswell to reduce the 91,000 abortion toll in Australia each year Feminists don't acknowledge many women need IVF because of past abortions, e.g. the Italian woman much criticised for having an IVF baby at age 63, admitted she had abortions when young, and didn't realise the consequences. Feminists don’t admit either that preoccupation with careers and postponement of pregnancy results in infertility - much of the demand for IVF is from women who could have conceived naturally when younger, so there is much sense in the Treasurer's advice to "get on with it".   

The ALP, Democrats and Greens also have pro-abortion MPs, but I am focussing on Liberals because they have governed Australia for the past nine years.   MHRs Julie Bishop, Sharman Stone, Joanna Gash, Teresa Gambaro, Senators Marise Payne, Jeannie Ferris and Judith Troeth do not acknowledge that   medical   progress has eliminated  "health" reasons for abortion, nor, since they claim abortion is a "sad choice" for women, have they initiated financial or other programs to reduce the toll.   

If these MPs sat at a pregnancy support phone line, they would have heard that sometimes   the problem is as simple as a loan for a car.  Answers to Boswell’s questions in Parliament showed there were more abortions on women aged 30-34 than those aged 15- 19.   Many older women may have three children, and with a fourth pregnancy need a car that will accommodate six - most cars only seat five.   Pro-choice Liberal MPs could arrange interest-free car loans for those who have more than three children.   The   money spent on futile IVF procedures for those over 42 could be used to enable pregnant women avoid abortion.   

Here's an email showing the anguish of a mother who "chose" abortion:  

"Dear Babette, this is the first time l have felt strongly enough about an issue to comment to someone l don't know. Mine is one of the many sad abortion stories, similar l'm sure to the ones you have already heard. I found myself unintentionally pregnant at the age of 39.   I had suffered incredible sickness with all my other pregnancies and this one was starting the same. l made the choice of abortion. It was so easy! I walked to my doctor and made the totally out of character request and was at the gyno a few days later crying my heart out as an ultrasound was performed  - the suggestion made that maybe l should not watch. I was 'done' the next day.  At no stage though it was out of character for me and l was clearly upset was l offered any counselling or other options. l guess those involved thought it was in my best interest but here l sit crying my heart out sharing my story with a total stranger more than two years later. The irony that the sickness would be well and truly over but my pain never will be is not lost on me. If only l had known there was someone l could have talked to at the time. That is how l would like to see some money spent. On compulsory counselling. It could save so much grief and guilt for many. In all this abortion debate maybe post abortion women could be surveyed to see how they have coped and what could have helped them in the first place and put those things into action. Thanks for your time, Terese" 

I wonder whether our Liberal MPs saw "Sixty Minutes” on Sunday, 17 April and noted the anguish of the mother who aborted a baby diagnosed with a disability. She was placing flowers and weeping over the grave. She said she could never do it again - "I could never play God again".  




BABETTE FRANCIS is co-ordinator of the Endeavour Forum, a counter- feminist, anti-abortion group



Member Organisation, World Council for Life and Family

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