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The intergalactic musings of Senator Bob Brown

Babette Francis, Online Opinion, 16 April, 2012

It is tragic that those mocking red-necks (a different less evolved species to green tree-huggers) who have been making fun of Senator Bob Brown's Third Annual Green Oration. have succeeded in driving him from office. Admittedly it was unusual for someone who has instituted an annual oration to deliver it himself, but what Senator Brown had to say was of such moment that he can be excused for taking over the platform himself.

Sadly we did not realise it would be the last time he would address us but fortunately we all - except for the aforementioned red-necks - paid deep attention, especially when he addressed us all grandiloquently as "fellow Earthians". That greeting set the tone for the stunning message he had to deliver from Outer Space.

You have to understand that all those Earthian telescopes pointed hopefully at stellar space, vainly searching for any signs of life, let alone intelligent life, amidst all the cosmic chatter and radio waves that emanate from our ever-expanding universe, have been pre-empted by our enterprising senator. He has now held intergalactic conversations or at least has reached some form of understanding with extinct civilizations on other planets in the known and unknown reaches of our universe.



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