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NEWSLETTER No. 138 , May 2010

Endeavour Forum Inc
NGO in special consultative status with ECOSOC of the UN


Special Event:

Endeavour Forum Inc. Public Meeting
7.30 pm , Thursday, 13th May at St. Patrick's Hall,

3 Dalny Rd. Murrumbeena,Vic.3163.
Guest speaker: Mr. Don Feder, Communications Director, World Congress of Families, on "Challenges confronting the natural family".

Gender Debate Revived

We thought this report we received from Samantha Singson of C-Fam (Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute) on April lst might have been a joke, but no such luck. It is deadly serious. Headed "Australia Rescinds Special Status for ‘Non-Specific Sex’ ”, the report says: "Last month, the Australian government made international headlines for being the first to officially recognize a third gender on a
state-issued document.

Fr Paul Marx, Founder of Human Life International

Christian Newswire reported on March 20 that Father Paul Marx, OSB, the much loved founder of Human Life International, had died shortly after 8 am. The priest whom Pope John Paul II called “the Apostle of Life” has passed into eternal Life.

United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

The 54th session of the UN's Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in March 2010 in New York was chaotic compared to previous years as it marked the 15th anniversary of the 1995 Beijing Women's World Conference.

Western Nations Pressure Nicaragua on Abortion Laws at UN

At the session of the UN Nations Human Rights Council which concluded at the end of March, Nicaragua underwent the Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Nicaragua came up against intense and concerted international pressure from UN member states, UN agencies and NGOs over the abortion ban

Non-Discriminatory Child Care Funding and Paid Parental Leave

I am a former lawyer, now a mother, living in Brisbane. I have been campaigning for a radical change to childcare policy to end discriminatory funding against parent care and redistribute all or part of the childcare budget (incl. daycare
subsidies, paid parental leave (PPL), baby bonus, Family tax Benefit B ) as a voucher to parents.

Why is the high cost of formal childcare so hard to see?

My involvement in the childcare issue has made me interested also in what goes on in that field in the world around me (outside Sweden), including what is being said out there about my country and its parental leave and day-care arrangements.

Cardinal Pell recipient of von Galen Award

Human Life International, which defines itself as "Pro-Life Missionaries to the World", is indeed one of the major activist international pro-life organisations...
In November 2009 at a dinner organised by Chiang Lim, Executive Officer of NSW Right to Life in Sydney, I had the pleasure of presenting HLI's "Cardinal von Galen
Award" to His Eminence Cardinal George Pell.

Georgia Senate Passes SB 529, Coercion and Prenatal Non-Discrimination Ban

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., March 26 /Christian Newswire/reported: Today the Georgia Senate passed SB 529, a bill which would ban abortion in cases where the woman was coerced against her will into aborting her child. It would also ban abortion for gender selection, as well as racially discriminatory abortion.

The Perpetual-Crisis Machine Of The Apocalyptic Left

The left is in crisis-overdrive. Imminent disaster is its rallying cry. The world will end, if we don’t appropriate billions, launch another massive government program, shower condoms on 6-year-olds, socialize another sector of the economy, cede more of our freedom to Washington, and venerate the polar bears.

Breast Cancer Risk is Increased - articles

Think Globally, Cull Locally

The anti-western anti-human totalitarianism of the environmental
movement grows ever more explicit.

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Endeavour Forum Inc. Public Meeting
7.30 pm , Thursday, 13th May at St. Patrick's Hall,

3 Dalny Rd. Murrumbeena,Vic.3163.
Guest speaker: Mr. Don Feder, Communications Director, World Congress of Families, on "Challenges confronting the natural family".
The meeting will be chaired by Mr. Peter Westmore, President,
National Civic Council, and the Opening Prayer will be said
by Mrs. Gayle Baulch.
The vote of thanks will be given by
Mr. John Ballantyne, editor, News Weekly.
All welcome, $5 donation appreciated.
RSVP: Mrs. Prue Oldham,
(03) 9583 6835 or Mrs. Margaret Butts, (03) 9589 5039.

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