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Letter from Denise Mountenay of Canada Silent No More,
leader of Endeavour Forum's Canadian team at CSW 58

Dear Friends, First, a huge THANK YOU for praying and supporting this mission for Life! Again it was a marathon of meetings and prayer as my team of women attended the Commission on the Status of Women, at the UN in New York. We met with leaders of NGO's and nations to expose the plots of our opponents to push abortion in every nation, without restrictions and paid for by governments.

Our team from the US arrived the week before and had a successful Parallel Event and meetings with Delegates. My team this year consisted of Melody Stefanson from Saskatchewan, Abigail Meadows from Georgia, USA, Amanda Jepson from Morinville, Alberta, Brenda Hubscher from Edmonton, Alberta, Lisa Rosario from New Orleans, USA, Cecilia Sullivan from Florida, USA, and Vinita Shaw from India.

We prayed, ministered and spoke to dozens of women from around the world on the pain and damage legal abortion has caused women in developed nations. We put together powerful educational and awareness packages, with special thanks to Human Life Alliance and Heritage House for donating some of the excellent materials and resources.

There was massive lobbying by pro abortion groups again, they handed out leaflets, wore garish masks and tried to influence delegates by demonstrating outside the Cafeteria. The negotiation members from pro-family nations stood their ground by not agreeing with language in the documents that would promote abortion rights, sexual "rights" or homosexual "marriage". The lobbying efforts of pro-family NGOs is achieving results. The Millennium Development Goals, a 15 year program that determines global priorities and billions of dollars in funding...did not include abortion, and did not focus on reproductive rights. This is a victory for us but there will be more pressure next March.....

Last year at CSW, a film crew from Los Angeles doing a documentary on "population trends" decided to feature me - they filmed our workshop, interviewed me and later, brought the whole film crew to my home, and filmed me getting ready to go to the UN. In New York they filmed me talking to people at the UN, including an interview with the Ambassador to Bangladesh, and giving an Oral Statement to the UN...The premier of the documentary will be at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, it is titled "Misconception". Please pray that my story and message will be presented well, and that I got our viewpoint across.

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